Written by Daz

18 Nov 2003

Around last year my partner and I lived in a flat. The girl upstairs was a young professional type who lived alone. She was attractive but snooty. I thought she looked like a dirty bitch but didn't know I would be proved right !

One night I woke up in the early hours and couldn't get back to sleep. My other half was fast asleep and as I turned over to try and sleep I heard a muffled moan. I listened and the moaning became louder. It became obvious that the girl upstairs was fucking ! I got an instant hard on and my heart was beating faster and faster. I heard her start to cry out and say "Oh yes, ohhh!" I knew she didn't live with anyone so the thought that she had gone out and pulled a guy and was now fucking him really turned me on. I heard the moaning continue and imagined a big fat cock plundering her snooty pussy hard and fast. I then heard the grunts of a man as the girl really let rip, obviously orgasming. The guy grunted and moaned and this I took to mean him emptying his sack into her wet snatch. My cock was really hard and leaking into my pants. I wanted to wake my girlfriend up and fuck her, telling her what I had heard going on, but I knew she wouldn't be up for it. I couldn't sleep now and stayed awake only to get a repeat performance some two hours later !!

Later that day I wanked my hard cock over the dirty bitch upstairs emptying my pent up sack whilst imagining her with a cock in every hole......................................