Written by LikeTowatch

11 Mar 2013

Need to watch

My wife is aware that I want to watch her have sex with a stranger. After eight years of saying no, she one day caved in and offered to try it; which took me by complete surprise. Anyway, from that point on she helped me plan how to make it happen. We set up rules such as the stranger would have to be someone we will never see again. She was adamant that she alone would pick the person to be involved.

She also told me: “I want to make one thing clear. When I find someone and him and I start screwing; I don’t want you stopping me or interfering in any way. Also, be assured that for full enjoyment I intend to let this man have his way with me in any way that I want it to happen. Once I am involved don’t try to stop me. If you interfere in any way, I will ask you to leave and continue without you. If you don’t like what you see then too bad. And finally, I don’t want to see you masturbate with this person around. It would be too weird with him there. If you need to do that, then go out of the room”

“Is that understood?” she asked.

I said, “Understood”.

The following is an accounting of the first time it happened.

We were clear across the country on a one week vacation when we actually began the hunt for a suitable stranger. Our Hotel was in the middle of an upscale financial district thus creating good hunting grounds. Every evening we set out to prowl the bars of our hotel and other hotels near where we were staying.

When we first started looking for someone, the thought that she would not find someone suitable did not cross either of our minds. But night after night she could not find anyone that satisfied here.

Neither of us drinks alcohol or uses drugs so throughout the adventure we both were able to maintain clear thinking. Each night I watched from across the room as she wandered about in whatever crowd that happened to be there. Her standard was so high that she couldn’t find anyone suitable for her.

It was our last night there when she finally connected with someone. By coincidence, it was also the hotel at which we were staying.

As she was fixing her hair and makeup before going downstairs, she said to me, “I’m telling you again that if I find someone tonight I intend to be aggressive with him if he gets in bed with me. I hope you are prepared for that.”

I said, “I know”, and as usual, she went downstairs alone and I followed a little later. I was across the room watching her mingle for a few minutes when I saw her sit next to a guy sitting by himself. He was dressed in a business suit and looked to be about our age. Soon, I saw the two of them talking and laughing. When she gave me our prearranged signal, I went over to them and she introduced me to Jerry. She told him I was her husband. The three of us began talking. She and I had previously agreed that she wanted sufficient time to get to know him before she could make a final decision. This was sort of a final interview. If he failed this step, we would start over and we had been at this step many times before on this trip.

Not much later she excused herself and went up to our room which was the signal that she was ok with him. Jerry probably thought she was going to the restroom.

I was elated that we had finally got this far.

Once she was gone, Jerry said, “She is a beautiful woman”.

“I know”, I replied.

“You are a lucky guy”, he added.

“So, if you had a chance to get in bed with her, I bet you would do it.”

“You win the bet”, he said.

“I’ll cut to the chaise…the reason she sat with you is because she wants to have sex with you.”

“For real?” he asked, “That’s a compliment. I’d do it with her in an instant”.

“Well, that can be arranged”.

“Is she a prostitute??” he said.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that. The point is I want to watch her have sex with another man.”

“Why are you talking to me about this?”

“You would have to ask her that. She picked you and will let me watch you two have sex if you are ok with that.”

“Picked me? What do you mean?” He asked.

“I’m telling you that if you want to have sex with her she is willing. However, it can only happen if I am there to watch.”

Then after a minute or so with a puzzled look he said, “To be clear, it sounds like you want to watch me fuck your wife?”

“That’s it in a nutshell. That’s what I’m saying.”

“And will she do that?”

“Yes. But you should ask her that.”

“What will you be doing?” he asked.

“Watching… Nothing else...’

“You won’t join us in bed or anything?”

“I will be totally out of the picture. You two are free to do whatever you two want to do. Also, we have never done this before. So pardon me if this all sounds awkward. I’m sure this must sound unusual but if you have any interest at all, we can go up to our room where she is waiting right now. You can talk with her about it. You have nothing to lose by checking it out. You can always say ‘no’ and walk away”.

It was quiet when I added, “However, if she changes her mind, then we quit right there.”

Not much later, I brought him back to our room where she was waiting for us. On the way up the elevator I said, “If this works out and you go through with this, you two will be free to do whatever you two want to do. She loves sex and she will let you have your way with her…but no anal or pain…OK?”

He remained quiet when I added, “We are going back home tomorrow afternoon. After that, you will never see or hear from us again.”

Our accommodations in this hotel had a living room, kitchen and a bedroom. When Jerry and I got to our room, she was standing in the living room by the large picture window which had a spectacular view of the many tall buildings surrounding our hotel. She came over to us, took Jerry’s hand and guided him back to the window saying, “Come see the view”.

As they took in the view, she asked, “Did he tell you what we want?”

“He says he wants to watch you and I have sex. “

“Yes”, she said, and then asked, “Are you OK with that?”

“What do you mean by having sex?” he asked.

She said, “You and I will figure that out. It’s pretty straight forward.”

“You are a beautiful woman. How can I say no? Then he added, “By the way, what are your thoughts? Are you OK with this?”

“We have never done this before.”

“But, are you ok with this?” he asked.

She looked at him strongly saying, “Yes”

“When would this happen??” he asked.

“Right now, if you are interested.”

“Why me?” he asked.

“When I first saw you downstairs, I knew you were the one.”

He said, “I saw you get off the elevator and come in to where I was sitting. My initial thoughts were how beautiful you are.”

“Thank you”, she said.

He went on, “when you sat next to me, I immediately wanted you.’


“Yes. I saw your wedding ring and figured you were not available. You must know that just about any man down there would like an opportunity like this. How do we get this thing started?”

She said, “Having never done this before, I’m not sure.”

There was quiet pause before she said, “Let’s go in the bedroom and see what happens.” As he walked by me, he looked at me as if asking, “Do you really want me to fuck your beautiful wife?”

Without saying anything I followed both of them into the bedroom.

There was a king size bed in the room. A long couch stretched along one wall which I sat on giving me a great view.

She was standing next to him by the bed when I saw her run her hand along the outside of his cheek saying, “You need a shave”.

She then guided Jerry to our bathroom. I watched her undo the front of his suit coat, which she then took off. She then took off his tie followed by unbuttoning his shirt. He stood there and let her do it.

I was fascinated at how my wife was undressing and preparing a man that was soon going to fuck her.

From my vantage point I could see him begin using my razor. She then said she was going to take a shower, turned the shower on, took off her clothes and when she was completely naked, put her hand in to feel the temperature and finally got in the shower.

When he was done shaving, she came out of the shower and told him to take a shower too. I then saw his naked body step in.

Later, with a towel wrapped his waist; he came into the bedroom where she was also now wrapped in a towel sitting on the bed. I saw her beckon him to her. As he got close, she moved to the middle of the bed. She then put her hand out and gently tugged him to he sider. Very soon, they were lying next to each other. When he took the towel off of her he put his hand on her breast. Without hesitation he started kissing her and it was clear that she was kissing him back. When she then pulled his towel off of him, she spread her legs flashing a frontal shot of her bare pussy at him. She then took his hand and guided it down to her pussy. His fingers began to produce sexual magic on her female parts. I know clearly how she likes to have her pussy stimulated and she looked like she was enjoying it.

I was surprised at how this adventure was so quickly unfolding.

He then adjusted his body to get his head down to her exposed pussy. When he did that, she spread her legs even farther apart. He then put his mouth on her pussy. When he began stimulating her with his tongue, she immediately began breathing hard with her hands holding his head.

Later, he pushed her to be on her back at the center of the bed. He was on his knees in front of her with his knees between her legs. He leaned forward to put his hands on either side of her head. I watched as she took his now much engorged dick and pulled it to her pussy. It was clear that she was in a hurry to get it inside of her. He lifted her legs to rest on his arms. With her legs spread wide apart and pointing straight up, he finished mounting her.

It was then, at that very moment when I realized for the very first time that I was about to watch my wife get fucked by a stranger. My fantasy of so many past years was finally happening. I was surprised that everything was happening so fast. His hands were now on her tight tits as he stared downwards into her eyes. Her hand was guiding his dick into her.

After several of his small thrusting motions I saw his dick slowly slide entirely all the way into her tight cunt. When his dick got completely buried in her pussy, I realized that my journey to see her get fucked had finally occurred. It was an electric moment. One second she wasn’t fucked, the next second she was.

Her legs were pointing upwards in the air. I moved to a different spot where I could better see his dick start sliding in and out of her.

It was a site to behold.

When they started fucking, his strokes were at first slow. I saw him push in hard and hold it all the way in with a pause at the end. Short soft cries of her pleasure sang through the room, “Oh yeah, oh yeah…” Then he pulled out slow and slammed it again hard only to hold it deep inside of her. Again and again he did this. Each time it produced a soft moan from her in time with each thrust. Then, when he held it in for a longer time, I took this as a sign that he was over sensitized and uncontrollably ready to come. This was quickly confirmed when he groaned to her “I’m coming.”

Obviously he could no longer hold back. As he began coming deep inside of her, he started furiously fucking her. She began fucking him back. Her soft cries changed to sounds of pure pleasure. He was grunting while also feeling the intense pleasure of the moment.

Not only was my wife now getting fucked, it was being done in record time. Since they got out of the shower, it took less than 10 minutes for him to kiss her, to disrobe her, to fuck her and to come in her.

As his load of come moved from being in him to being in her, I knew that for the first time ever, I was watching another man spewing his seed deep into my wife. He made very distinctive sounds of orgasm. He was balanced on his knees which were spread wide apart. His ass was up high giving me a direct view of his hanging balls bouncing in time with each thrust of his dick. Then while keeping his dick totally immersed in her, his hips alone kept slamming her. Each of his thrusts produced a faint cry of pure pleasure from her. Finally, from a different vantage point, I could see his come leaking out from around her pussy as his ejaculate began running down between her legs.

A few minutes later, he was motionless on top of her and all was quiet. His dick was still inside of her. He had dropped his body to be on top of her. They were deeply kissing again.

Later I heard him whisper, “Sorry, I couldn’t hold back.”

She whispered, “You were awesome…”

As I watched his come leak out of her and flow down between her legs, I was mesmerized with the sight of her legs being wide apart with another man lying on her keeping his now motionless dick deep inside of her. At this point, she had her arms wrapped around him, squeezing his body tightly against her, holding him as if she didn’t want him to get away. They were deeply kissing again.

My thoughts were that they seemed to act like long lost lovers reuniting. It was more of a honeymoon than just getting laid. For another eternity of minutes, she held him in that position with his dick remaining inside of her the whole time.

Later, after many more minutes had passed, he pulled his dick out and used his left hand to begin fingering her. Come was flowing out onto his hand. She had her legs apart giving him full access.

After a very short rest, he started fucking her again. This time he was on top and she below with her legs apart. I watched him fucking her, adjusting, more fucking, more adjusting. I watched her fucking him, adjusting and more fucking. It went on and on for quite a while. They had changed positions many times. She had cried out many times.

Several times she made sounds which I know based on my many years of knowing her, were distinctly orgasm driven. He had expertise in making a woman come.

Later, they were quietly resting with her lying on her side and him on his back when her hand found his soft dick and she began stroking it. His hand still had a finger in her cunt. Soon thereafter, she moved her head downward until his somewhat floppy dick was right in front of her face. She reached out and wrapped her hand around it and pulled it into her mouth. I sensed she wanted to get his dick hard so he could fuck her again.

I was wondering why watching my naked wife suck another man’s dick was turning me on so much but I had no answer. I had taught her how to suck dick by showing her where all the hot spots are located on and around a man’s penis. He now would get a benefit of those teachings.

I could see his dick getting bigger with each of her licks, strokes, squeezes and pokes. At one point she turned her head and looked directly into my eyes as she held his dick in her mouth while sucking away on it. She was holding it, licking it and massaging it with one hand while the other hand was cupping and carefully holding and playing with his balls; which was another maneuver that I had taught her and she was an expert. All the while she kept her eyes on me. Every time I moved to get a better view, her eyes followed me.

Interestingly, this was the only time that she ever paid attention to me during the entire session. Later she said it was as if I wasn’t even there.

All I know for sure is that watching them fuck created sexually intense feelings which felt like fire in my brain. I sensed no jealousy at all. To me it was purely sexual.

It seemed that she sucked him for an eternity before he wound up on his back again with a hard erection pointing straight up. I then watched her get on top of him. I saw her reach underneath herself to guide his dick so she could sit down on it. She was now on top with his dick deeply inside of her. I then saw her began fucking him with her ass bouncing up and down. Both of his hands were on her tits. Occasionally she would drop her head and deeply kiss him again.

It’s hard to explain how excited I was to watch her fucking him rather than him fucking her. As she looked downwards now into his eyes, his hands were squeezing and massaging her tits. At that moment the sounds she was making made it clear to me that she was having multiple orgasms. I know for a fact this is her favorite position because with her in control on top like this, she is able to produce many multiple orgasms. My years of experience with her have taught me what those sounds mean. As she fucked him this way, she periodically dropped her head to kiss him and he deeply kissed her back.

For several more hours, they fucked in many different positions. Some positions I had not seen before. The number of times she uttered ‘Oh Yeah’ was uncountable. I also noticed there kissing time was becoming much longer.

Later when Jerry’s cell phone rang, he told her he had to answer it. He went into the bathroom and closed the door. During this break, I whispered to her, “How you doing?”

She looked at me and smiled while asking, “The important question is, “How are you doing? Are you OK?”

Before either of us could answer, he came back into the room with a towel wrapped around him. He said his boss called and there is an emergency that requires him to leave right now. I then watched the two of them go into the shower together. Later she told me she put a rolled up towel on the floor of the shower, got on her knees and sucked him until he was hard again. Then she stood up, bent over and he fucked her one more time from behind.

She also said that she appreciated the privacy of fucking him in the shower without an audience. That last odd remark from her seemed out of place.

When Jerry was ready to go out the door he said he could come back in about 2 hours if that was OK. Without a pause, she said please do. Call our room when you are ready to come back.

Before he left, they stood kissing at the door for what I thought was a very long time. Maybe, it was even too long of a time. She was in a bathrobe with his hands obviously hidden inside feeling every part of her naked body that he could reach. I saw her use one hand to massage his crotch. At one point I even saw her slide her hand down the front of his pants as they kissed. I’m sure her hand at that time was holding his bare dick. I thought they were going to drop on the floor and fuck each other’s brains out right there. But, he finally went out the door.

I looked at my watch and saw that she and Jerry had been fucking and showering for over three hours

With him now gone, I told her I was sexually excited and needed to have sex with her. She told me, “I’m not through fucking him yet. I’m a little too sore for you right now”

When I then begged for a blow job, she sat on the couch and beckoned me to come over to her. When I got there, I sat next to her and she unzipped my pants, pulled out my very hard giant hardon and began stroking and sucking on it.

She then looked up at me and asked, “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Incredible. It was beyond my wildest dreams. ”, I said.

While holding my dick in her hand she was still looking up at me when she asked, “Did you like watching Roger fuck me?” Almost immediately, I had the biggest orgasm the world has ever felt. I filled her mouth with a whole bubble of my come. The intensity of the orgasm happening at the same time as thinking about her fucking Roger was so great that I told her, “Yes, I loved it. I could watch you do it over and over and over.

Then she dropped a bombshell when she asked, “When Jerry comes back I would like to have some alone time with him in the bedroom.”

“That’s not part of the deal”, I said.

“Well, if you give me some alone time with him, then when we get back home I’ll fuck someone else and let you watch; just like on this trip.”

Later that evening, Jerry came back and they went into the bedroom. When she asked me to stay out of the bedroom, I reluctantly said OK and let them be alone.

It was early in the morning when they both came out and woke me up. I saw that I was under a blanket on the couch in the living room. I quickly realized that they had spent the rest of that night in the bedroom by themselves. Later she told me they fucked again for most of the night.

It was then that I got an odd feeling. A mental vision of them sleeping together with him holding her tight didn’t set well with me. Although watching the two of them fuck was an extreme turn on, the thought of those two falling in love was making my stomach sick.

As Jerry was leaving, he thanked me for sharing Lori. He also gave me his business card which I later tore up into tiny pieces. To this day we have never had any more contact with Jerry.

Also, when we got back our home we satisfied my fantasy one more time on another vacation. As she previously promised, she let me watch her fuck another stranger. However, we had a very different experience with that adventure. But that’s another story.