Written by matty

30 Jun 2006

hi.im matty this is just to tell all the folk out there that if they fantasise about their neighbours ,take a chance, it may just lead to the fuck of a lifetime as it did in my case,this is how it started,the wife & i had newly moved into our house at the end of winter,on arraving i had noticed the lady next door she was about 7 years older than us but with a body to fuck for hours with,lovey big tits with long legs long brown hair with a very sexy look in her face. not long after we got to know our neighbours it was grass cutting time,this soon became my highlight of the week,as julie next door always cut the grass & even better she done this braless with always got my 81/2 inches rock hard,after awhile i started to think perhaps the show was for my benefit so i decided to play julie at her own game ,this i done by wearin shorts with no undies underneath i would then position myself on the back step to watch while she was in the garden,i would thenadjust shorts until it was impossible for julie not to catch a glimpse of my cock.this filled me with all sort of thoughts ,excitement,fear etc. wel this went on for a few weeks & as julie had not said anything i felt cool about my bit o flashing,then after a very heavy shower 1 day julie came knocking on my door (forget what for) & she was wearing the flimsiest of tops & her nipples were hugely swollen,she asked if she could cum in to dry off,certainly i replied but to be honest i said to her i would prefer you to be soaking all over,dont you worry about that matty she said thats why im here as evry time i see that big cock of yours when your sitting on your doorstep i flood & its now time for you to do something about it.i took no second invitation as i proceeded to strip her of her top ,licking her all the way down to her tight pantsmwhich i then removed with my mouth,this led to my second suprise of the day as julie was pantieless & my god was she wet so wet i could have drowned in her sweetness,while i was doing this julie was busy getting me naked whereupon she firstly devoured my cock prractically to the base while i licked her sweetpusy until i then spurted ny cum into her mouth she then swallowed the lot . at this time we rested for awhile until i was hard again upon which we then prceeded to fuck each others brains out,so if any of you guys (or gals haha!) out there find themselves in a similar situation my advice is to go for it,as not only was that afternoon 1 of the sexiest ive experienced it led me into julie & her hubbys life of swinging,but thats another story best saved for another day. matty