Written by Paul

12 Oct 2006

I'd just come back from walking my dog when the neighbour, Shelly, popped her head around her front door and asked if i could have a quick look at her washing machine as it was making a funny noise.

I dont really know anything about washing machines but said ok.

The machine was making a god awful noise but it turned out too be vibrating onto the cupboard, so no harm done.

Shelly, who id say is nearing 50 years old, has recently lost a fair bit of weight and is looking pretty good. Not that i'd noticed..!!

She said thanks and asked if i fancied a cup of tea for my troubles. I said yes thanks and plonked myself down by the breakfast bar. I noticed some pictures on the bar and Shelly said they were of her holiday that she'd recently been on with her partner Geoff.

I started browsing through them and just as shelly brought my cuppa to me, i came across a topless one. I told Shelly that she should have removed the saucy one's before i looked at them. Her face went a bit red and Sheely said "you've probably seen a pair of boobs before?"

I replied that i had but her's looked pretty good for a late 40's girl. She replied that i was a cheeky bastard. I said that she loved it and she said that she did really.

It was at this point that it all got so much better.

She stood on the opposite side of the breakfast bar and started undoing her blouse. She said "you might aswell see them for real now, Paul". She took the blouse off, then her lacy bra and came around and pushed one of her nipples into my mouth. For about 2 seconds her partner Geoff surfaced in my brain and i felt guilty for about the same amount of time. Then i latched onto that nipple and sucked like a new born baby.

As i was still sitting st the breakfast bar i undone Shelly's trousers and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood in front of me in a full pair of lacy panties. I rubbed her pussy from the outside of her panties and the damp patch had already begun to form. "Put your fingers in me Paul", she said. I duly obliged and found her honey pot to be absolutely dripping.

Shelly stood me up and dropped to her kness whilst tugging at my jeans. I never wear underwear, so my 6 inch tool sprang out in a very erect state. I dont have much length on my cock but it certainly makes up for it in girth.

Shelly put her hand around it and commented on the fatness of it and the fact that it wasn't cut like geoff's.

She began nibbling on my foreskin and gave me sensations that id never experienced in my 30 years. Shelly certainly knew how to suck cock, and did so like it was going out of fashion.

I had to pull her off of it as i was about to cum and didnt want this to end. I lifted her up onto the breakfast bar and began eating her hairy cunt. She said it had been years since Geoff had done that to her and came almost immediately on my face. I made her come once more before lifting her off the bar and slipping up her sodden cunt from behind.

I fucked her hard, slow, from behind, doggie on the floor before finally splashing my cum all over the tits that had started all this off.

She thanked me for my help with the washing machine and said she hoped that something else would go wrong in the future.

I have now been shagging Shelly for the past year and have managed to fuck her whilst Geoff was cutting the grass out back and once while my wife, Mandy, was cutting Geoff's hair in our conservatory.

Shelly shaves her pussy for me fully now and has told another one of our neighbours about our exploits who is now gagging for some cock...

I've never felt so lucky in al my life...Long may it continue.