Written by Adam

31 Mar 2006

Last Sunday morning having dressed I pulled back the bedroom curtains to see Michelle my neighbour whose house backs onto mine doing the same.She however was naked from the waist up.Seeing me she took her tits in both hands and playfully juggled with then before blowing me a kiss and disappearing from sight.A little later I bumped into her on the way to the newsagent.Thanking her for the impromptu show I asked what she did for an encore.She said give her half an hour when Kenny her husband had gone off to play football and she would be round to show me.I thought it was a wind up.

Later on true to her word she called round.Once inside she almost dragged me upstairs to the bedroom.Sitting on the bed she said "you`ve seen what I`ve got now lets see what your made of".Lowering my tracksuit bottoms I stood there with a rapidly hardening cock.Michelle nodded with approval and bekoned me over for a closer look."I hope it tastes as good as it looks" she mumbled before taking it into her mouth.She then gave me the best head any woman had ever given me.I was about to cum but she seemed undaunted and took my load as it filled her eager mouth."That will do for starters"she sighed licking her lips and the residue cum off my cock.Pausing only to remove her clothes she hopped back onto the bed and parted her thighs and began fingering herself,it had the desired effect,my cock was once more rapidly hardening.Michelle pleaded with me to join her on the bed and put my cock to use.Easing into her sopping slit she locked her legs around me."Now fuck me long and hard"she cried"don`t worry about protection fill me upwith your cum".There was no kissing or foreplay just one long hard sweaty fuck,all the time she was yelling obsenities.Then lasting no longer I came in her while she moaned with her own orgasm.As we rested I tried to kiss her but she was not having any,explaining that she had only used me to get back at her Kenny who thought more of his football than sex.

Michelle then left the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up.Then she left saying same time same place next Sunday look out of your window for my signal.With the weekend closing fast I can`t wait.