Written by Daz

24 Jan 2007

Just before Christmas my wife and I were invited across the road to our neighbours place for drinks. They are Dave and Cath and are both in their early 30's, the same as us. On the evening we were meant to be going my wife came down with this nasty flu bug that's been going about and I said I would pop over and let them know we couldn't make it. She told me to send her apologies and go anyway. I said I would only go for a couple of drinks and come home early.

I went over and Dave answered the door, I explained the situation and he invited me in offering me a beer. I went through into the lounge and Cath was sat watching TV. Now I have to admit that I have always fancied Cath and tonight was no exception. Her dark hair was hanging loose onto her shoulders and she was still dressed in her smart work clothes of skirt, tight jumper and knee length boots. She said hi and I took a seat next to her on the sofa. Dave arrived with the drinks and explained why I was alone. We chatted for a while and all had a few more drinks. After four beers I was ready to make a move and said I'd better be going. Cath suggested I stay for one more and that they put something more interesting on the TV. I said okay but I needed a piss so I nipped upstairs. When I came down I saw that they had put a porn DVD on and were both watching it. As I glimpsed at the screen I saw the porn starlet taking a huge cock in her mouth whilst another one pounded her pussy. My cock started to get hard and my heart pounded. I said I had better go as they obviously had other plans. Cath looked up at me and said that they wanted me to stay and have a little fun. Dave explained they both enjoyed sex with other people and had been hoping to get me and the wife involved in some swinging as they liked us both. I said I shouldn't but Dave said don't you want some of this and pulled open Cath's legs exposing her wet pussy underneath her skirt which had ridden up. I felt very excited and Dave said that he wanted me to have Cath in front of him whilst he wanked off. Dave stood up and I sat down next to Cath, she took my hand and guided it up to a very wet snatch. I saw Dave go and sit in the armchair opposite get out a monster cock of at least 8 inches and start to wank. I started to play with Cath's engored clit and she started to breath heavily. After only a couple of minutes she came all over my fingers. She then stood up stepped out of her skirt and knickers and took off her sweater and bra. She had lovely pert little tits and a nice trim body. I saw Dave still stroking his erection and he nodded at me and said just fuck the slut, she loves cock. Cath laughed and said that I do before crouching in front of me and freeing my thick 7 inches from my jeans. Dave asked Cath to suck my cock, which she did and it felt amazing. After a short time I told Cath to stop as I didn't want to cum yet. She did and said she wanted some oral as well. She took up a position on all fours facing Dave who was now wanking harder. I quickly stripped off and got in behind Cath, tonguing her exposed gash. She tasted great and her trimmed pussy was a pleasure to munch on. She started to moan and quiver after about five minutes as her snatch ran with juices. I rubbed some of this on her lovely dark little arsehole and she moaned oh yes, you can go there as well. I stopped eating her and eased a thumb up her arse. She cried out and said leave that there but make me cum. I used my other hand to flick her clit and she came really hard, her arsehole contracting around my thumb. I looked up and saw that Dave was now kneeling in front of Cath and that she had started to suck him off. This really turned me on and started to watch and tug on my hard cock. No wanking for you Dave said sternly get your cock up Cath now! I did as I was told and rubbed my cock head up and down Cath's sopping wet holes. She pushed back and her pussy swallowed me up. It was warm, wet and quite tight. I knew I wouldn't last long by this stage and started to ram my cock into her, my nuts slapping on her peachy arse. Cath was moaning but it was stiffled because she had a mouthful of cock. I slid my cock out of her and slapped my bell end against her arsehole. Dave said, that's right mate stick it up her arse, she loves it like that. I worked more pussy juice into her arse using my fingers and then eased my cock head into her ring. She wiggled about a bit to help me and gasped oh fuck as her shitter gave in to my length. I pounded her for only a few stokes before I unloaded what seemed like a gallon of jiz up her arsehole. I pulled out my cock twitching the rest onto her well fucked gash lips. I then heard Dave say, watch this, and saw as he whipped his cock from Cath's mouth and unloaded strand after strand of hot cum onto Cath's face and hair.

I was knackered and gathered up my clothes. What I saw next really shocked me as Dave started to kiss Cath and lick up his own spunk from her face!! When he had finished she said, there's more back here! Dave proceeded to then lick my spunk from her arse and pussy, I couldn't believe it and thought these two were a very dirty couple. That said I had great sex with Cath and Dave had let me so who was I to complain? I noted the porn DVD was now on a orgy scene with cock, pussy and limbs everywhere. I knew these two swingers would be up for more soon and decided leave. I thanked them for their hospitality and as I went to leave Cath said, be sure to bring the wife next time I want to eat her out........I'm not sure the wife will be up for it but I would love there to be a next time!!