Written by Jim

1 May 2005

Neil and me had been at school together - he did the difficult homework and I stopped him being bullied. He hung around and with Claire - a skinny girl who was a swot but not very clever - watchd us play in the school soccer team.

They got married at 17 and set up home - the rest of us drifted like teenagers do.

I hooked up with a girl called Jackie from the grammar - a real babe with curves in all the right places - not like Claire! We went out as a foursome a few times, but then Jackie dumped me and I was a bit down for a while.

Neil and Claire were great - asking me round to meals, and Claire even did my washing sometimes!

Then one evening we went to the pub. When we got back to their place, we kept on drinking, but Neil spilt his red wine on Claire's yellow dress and she shrieked and pulled it off to try and wash out the stains.

I noticed her tiny white bra and knickers, which looked quite full round the mons. But before I had really looked she was in the kitchen and scrubing, swearing at Neil.

When she came back she was still in her bra and knickers and she said she felt a bit underdressed - but Neil said we were a bit over dressed, and proceeded to take off his shirt and trousers, telling me to do the same. I did and then they started dancing slowly together writhing round each other. Neil took off Claire's bra and turned her round to face me. Her tits were minute, but I did notice again that her mons was very prominent, and as I looked I thought I could see some wetness in her crotch.

Then she came and danced with me, pressing herself against me. I felt my erection grow - I hadn't had a fuck since Jackie had left me, and even though it was Claire, it was still a woman.

Neil stood behind her and Claire lent back against him with her legs towards me. Her knickers were well wet now and then Neil peeled them down. As the crutch came away from her cunt, strands of wetness stuck to it. And the smell from her pussy was all sex. I felt myself really harden.

Claire stepped out of her knickers. Neil took his off. Then Claire came towards me and pulled the waistband of my pants away from my cock and lowered them down. As she did, Neil took her head from behind and pressed it forwards and down towards my cock.

She opened her mouth and took me in. As she did this, I looked at Neil. He had a tiny cock - about 4 inches to my 8 inches, but it was very stiff and he watched intently as his wife sucked me. Then he grunted a little, and I saw his cock jerk and shots of sperm land in Claire's hair.

She pulled away from me and sighed. Neil said Sorry, perhaps Jim will be better. Then he lifted her from behind round the knees, lifting her right off the floor. As he did, her legs parted and I looked at her cunt - she had huge outer lips which were very swollen and had pulled her inner lips apart and there was wetness all over her cunt and inner thighs. I took a step forwards and was about to penetrate her when Claire said "Condom". I said I couldn't fuck in one of those and Neil shrugged and said "Just don't come inside her". Claire said "He won't, Jackie said he lasts for ever".

So I stepped forwards again, just desperate to have a fuck after all this time. As I entered her she was so wet and hot and her cunt was so swollen with lust that it felt like velvet on my knob end and shaft. We moved to the settee, so her bottom was on one arm and Neil was stroking her breast as I stood over her thrusting steadily. I knew I could carry on like this for ages, especially as I didn't really fancy her that much.

Then she started to come, and in all the sex I have ever had, I have never seen or felt anything like it. She said she was close and then I felt the top of her cunt tense up and suck my cock further into her. Then she squealed and I felt a huge pressure on my knob as her muscles squeezed really tight. Then she screamed "I'm coming" and her whole cunt squeezed and relaxed in a hot wet rhythm. It was so fantastic I knew it was going to make me come, so I said "I'm about to come" and Neil said "Pull out" but Claire, whose upper chest and face had flushed with orgasm and who was now in spasms screamed "No" and thrust her pelvis even harder at me. I knew I wsa coming and I felt the first jet coursing up my shaft - and it felt good not to have to be wanking to have an orgasm. I fired my usual load, plus a bit! and Claire's muscles gently spasmed less. Afetr another minute or so, I pulled out and left her on the arm of the sette.

Neil looked really upset and as Claire sat down on the settee, my spunk began to dribble out of her hole onto the sofa. It was making a huge stain, but all she said was "Neil has never made me come using his cock - thank you Jim"

And I came. I couldn't stop it. Her cunt ws