Written by tammy

8 Oct 2005

hiya im a woman of 40 i dont look my age so other folk have siad i want to tell you all about my meeting from the net last weekend wow what a meeting it was i was chatting on this site called in a room called lick my hot pussy and got chatting to this 56 yold we had a good chat then he asked me if i wanted to go into a private room which i thought why not boy he was really turning me on by the things that he was saying my thong was well wet then he said where you live i told him and he said right i will be round there in 10 mins to lick your hot juicey pussy i thought mmmmm right so he said tell me where you live i have never done anything like that before give some stranger my address but i was ready and soooooo dam hornie so i told him where i lived and true to his word he was knocking on my door as soon as i opened the door we never got upstairs to the bedroom it was so fast and quick never been fucked like that before he took me over the stairs and rammed his thick cock right up inside of me i was moaning loving it he fucked me so hard filling up my pussy then he pulled it out and turned me around so that i could suck him off while he watched me i sucked him like no tomorrow as he was cumming into my mouth i was gagging on him there was so much spunk i couldt get enough then he pushed me on the bed and fucked my arse so hard i was by then screaming never had my arse fucked before it was painful but i still loved it we fucked most of that day net sex is great now im looking for more any 50 plus out there let me know