Written by Jason

25 Jul 2006

Two of my mates knew I was bi, but had never got me involved in any group fun. That is, until we all went off to celebrate Alec's 50th...seven of us gave the bar staff a busy night's work, then it was all back to Tony's for some poker. Yes, strip poker, with not a woman in sight. Quite apart from the fact I had had plenty to drink (happy but capable!) I had'nt a clue how to play poker, so it was no surprise when I was the first to sit completely naked at the table. Andy (gay Andy, as it turned out!!) suggested that as a forfeit I must suck all the other players. No problem, if I had a pound for every cock I had sucked I would be rich...To begin with, everone laughed and joked as I made my way round the others, stopping to give extra attention to Rob's legendary monster, but it soon became clear that some serious cock fun was in prospect.

Alec came back to me and as I knelt pushed his hardening tool into my mouth, working it ryhtmically until it was rock-hard. One of the others had come up behind me and started rubbing the back of my neck with his todger, leaving a fine trail of pre-cum over my shoulder, so I knew he was well on the way. I was then picked bodily up and laid over the card table, where hands and cocks came from all directions and played over my exposed body, accompanied by variously rude shouts of encouragement.

I knew I was erect; I felt two or three mouths close over by bell-end, fingers entering my arse-hole, and Andy even started giving me a deep-tongue kiss, which I have to say I enjoyed.

However, the time of reckoning was at hand: Surrounded by six wanking guys, they came one after another, shooting their various quantities of hot spunk over my face, chest, and as the Birthday Boy's treat, Alec's went straight into my open mouth.....hot, salty, thick....As the others collapsed onto chairs, Gay Andy slowly massaged the mass of cum all over my body, then went down on my hard cock....a few throat-fucks and I came, like I had never cum before, till in the end even an old pro like Andy had to leak some from his mouth, letting it drip slowly onto my shaven balls. Andy and I lay there for several minutes enjoying the after-pleasure, whilst the others got dressed and tackled another drink.

Needless to say, having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, Andy is now leading me willingly into new spheres of pleasure...we have a week-end cumming up soon......am I ready to loose my anal virginity...?