Written by Gunter

14 Jul 2006

This episode took place some 10 years ago but it is still fresh in my mind.

I am a small time venture capitalist I invest money in business that are failing and generally turn them around and I make a reasonable income from it.

My local video shop was closed when I arrived to drop off a video which was strange, I went round the side to the attached house and spoke to the lady owners daughter and gave her the Video, she told me that the business had closed and her Mum had left to go back to her mothers, now I have always got on well with her mum, we have flirted a bit but nothing more. I left my phone number with the daughter and asked her to get her mum to ring.

Her Mum did call later that night and she explained that she had been ripped off in a business deal with her business partner and that now she was going to go bust through no fault of her own except trusting someone she shouldn't have done. To cut a long story short I went round to see her with her mother and I sorted out a restructuring plan for the business which I knew was sound I agreed to put some money into the business and she could continue to live at the shop and run the business as the Manageress.

Her mother told her that she had been very stupid and that she owed me a great deal, she also said that had her father been still alive he would have put her across his knee and given her a sound thrashing as old as she was. I said well I am somewhat old fashioned myself and for sure a lot of Sarah's troubles could have been prevented by taking some legal advice and listening to her mother. Yes said her mother maybe as her savoiur you should put her across your knee and give her a sound spanking.

Well this was my favourite pleasure and I often used it as foreplay in my relationships. Sarah agreed that she had been partly to blame and she bent over my knee to receive her spanking, her mother said that she would leave us, NO stay I said I want a witness and besides maybe you should have a spanking too. At this point maybe I should explain that Sarah was 34 years old and her mum was 51 and both of them were pretty good looking.

Sarah's Mum stood and watched as I lifted sarah's skirt, pulled her panties down to her knees and gave her bottom a sound spanking, her backside was well red by the time I had finished and sarah was squirming against my knee, I knew it had turned her on. "Right Sarah, go and wait in your room I will come to see you shortly", she left.

Now then Mary it is your turn, she bent over the settee, dropped her skirt and knickers to the floor and said, "will here do, and after you have spanked me can you please fuck me first, I can see that spanking sarah has given you a stiffy but I want it first I am wet already". I stood behind her and slid my cock into her very wet pussy, I told her the spanking could wait until another day. I fucked her hard and she came as I did, I emptied myself inside her and she sucked me clean. "Now she said you can go and service Sarah, beware though she is a nympho and she will nacker you, thats why I wanted it first".

I went into Sarah's room and she was lying naked on the bed she looked up at me and said "if you think my Mum's a good shag then I have news for you, I am better much better, you will be staying the night because you wont be able to walk when I have finished with you. this was the start of a great relationship, Sarah moved back to the video shop and I fucked her regularly.