Written by Anne and Alan

11 Aug 2004

We submitted our first story “new but willing” a while ago, where anne got fucked senseless by me and a couple of guys. Thanks to all those who wrote and offered their comments, we got quite a few from women !!

Unfortunately, we cannot reply to all, but to those who expressed interest in hearing more from us, this happened during a short break in northern France

We were driving on the A29, past Rouen it was about ten p.m and were about another hour away from our destination, Anne was bursting for a pee and i pulled up in a rest area, it was dark and nobody seemed to be around, so she just crouched near the car and relieved herself. Her urge was so great that she soaked her knickers. She got up, took them off and got back in the car.

As i drove towards the exit, we noticed a group of people some distance away, in a wooded area lit up by a car´s headlights. I stopped the car and said to anne that it looked like some people were having fun, and i was curious, she smiled and agreed with me.

We approached slowly, and stopped about 30 yards from the group

A woman was lying on a picnic table, two men were looking on as a third was fucking her. We stood silently looking.

Anne started stroking my cock through my jeans and i slid a hand up her skirt, she was soaking. She kneeled down, took my cock out and started sucking and wanking it slowly whilst caressing her pussy with the other hand.

I kept looking at the group, and another man was now pumping its cock between the woman´s legs. It struck me that they were very silent, the only noises were the occasional grunts and moans.

I could not resist any longer, i pulled anne up, told her to grip the the tree trunk, raised her skirt, and in one thrust penetrated her sodden cunt, she gasped and whispered “fuck me”

I fucked her slowly, at first, then accelerated, her breathing became shorter, and i knew i could not last much longer, i came suddenly, without warning and as i plunged a finger in her arse, she let out a yelp, as i flooded her with cum. This drew the attention of the group, the two men looked in our direction and beckoned us over. We walked towards the group and one of them spoke to us. As he realised we did not understand he asked if we were english and we nodded, he asked us to come closer. The scene was a little unreal, the woman lying on the table must have been in her seventies, she was very slim, her tits were flat and drooping both sides of her ribcage. All she wore as a pair of pale blue stockings She must have been quite a stunner in her day, but time had taken its toll, her face was lined, and the skin of her arms and thighs was flabby. Her face and stomach were covered in cum, she was lying on her back, holding on to the sides of the table as the man was fucking her with violent thrusts, her mouth open, she was moaning softy

The man who beckoned us over, and who seemed to be in charge, told us in near perfect english that he often offered his wife in car parks to other men, this was a known sex encounter place, and a lot of single men come here for the chance of fucking other people´s wives. He introduced himelf as Mark and his wife, Chantal

Without paying attention to his wife and the two men, he walked over to anne, and said that by the noise she made earlier we must hve been having fun ourselves. Without saying any more he unzipped her skirt which fell to the ground, slid a hand up her leg and felt my cum running down her legs, as his hand went further he clamped it over her pussy and asked if we were also after some fun

She gasped a faint yes, he slid a couple of fingers in her sloppy cunt and started to wank anne, who spread her legs, i slid a finger in her arse and we wanked her in unison, the slurping sound of his fingers in her cunt was driving me wild, we fingered her faster and faster, she almost lost her balance and came over his hand before falling to her knees.

He gave her his juice coated fingers to lick clean as i pulled my cock out.

I looked at his wife, the two men had finished with her and they walked over to anne to give her their glistening cocks to suck, which she did slowly in turn. Chantal, was still lying on the table and i went over to her, she had a vacant and contented look on her cum splatered face, as i raised her legs and positioned my cock against her arse ring, pushing slowly. I encountered little resistance and slid in all the way to my balls. She said somthing i did not understand and i started to fuck her arse with furious strokes, i looked over in anne´s direction and she was now on alo fours, a dick in her cunt while sucking another.

Mark was slapping her arse cheeks calling her in french what i can only guess was that she was an english slut

As i pounded chantal´s arse she started to moan and buck and let out a throaty growl, i let go of her legs and grabbed both her nipples, twisting and pulling them hard, i felt my cock twitch, and as i came i pulled them so hard that she screamed loudly, i guess that she came too !!

As i took my cock out, i looked again at anne, and the two mwn who had fucked her and chantal were now pulling their trousers up, and said something to mark as they left

He kneeled behind anne and spread her arse cheeks, he looked at me and said that he was going to fuck my wife´s arse like i had done to his.

I went over, not noticing that chantal was following me. When i saw the size of his cock i thought that he was going to split anne in half, he was not so long, but the width was enormous. He scopped some cum from one of the other men´s off ann´s back, and smared her arse with it, he then spat on it and pushed against her ring, she grimaced with pain, chantal straddled anne, and sat on her back facing mark holding anne´s cheeks open. Mark moved back a little while she inserted two fingers in anne´s arse to widen her up, she then held anne´s cheeks open once more as mark forced his way inside.

Anne was howling, but she was well held, and he pushed further and further until he was completly inside. He then pounded her violently while she sobbed in pain. He seemed to have the stamina of a horse, stabbing her arse remorselessly, calling her all manner of names.

Anne had stopped sobbing and was now grunting at each thrust, i could see her distended anus, every time he pulled out only to penetrate her violenly again. I kneeled in front of her mouth and holding her head started to fuck her mouth with my cock, deepthroating her with mark´s every thrust.

We both came inside her, and got up.

She looked like a worn out whore, mark thanked us for taking part and said that if we were in these parts again to check this place out.

Anne got dressed, and slumped in the front seat, she was dischevelled, cum in her hair, I told her to sort herslf out before we got to our destination.

We look forward to reading your comments, we are still waiting to find two

butch lesbians for anne but in the meantime anne has thought of something, she would like us to meet a dominant bi couple to whom we would be sex slaves for a night, she thinks it is time i explored my bi side. We will post an ad, and if any of you are interested to hear the results we will post the story

Anne and Alan