Written by Amandab

28 Apr 2008

Well, there I was. Moved to a new area and knew nobody around there. I thought the best way to get to know people was to take a job in a pub. So that\'s just what I did. I found a lovely local pub - a drinkers/social pub and the landlord and landlady seemed like lovely people.

I fitted in straight away, got on very well with Andy the landlord. He did most of the bar work, had a very sociable and naughty way about him. We worked well together and we had a bit of a flirty way of talking with each other, which the punters seemed to enjoy.

One night, in the middle of my shift I went down to the cellar to get something, the door opened and Andy appeared. He pushed me to the stairs and started kissing me. Oh God! I near had an orgasm! I didn’t realised how much I’d wanted it.

He slipped his hand up my skirt and started stroking my pussy. My panties were nearly soaked through, he must’ve been able to feel it and he smiled and asked why I hadn’t let him know earlier. I was speechless and all I wanted was for him to stop teasing and give my throbbing pussy what it was aching for. Instead he bunched the front of my thong and yanked it upwards, into my snatch. That’s when I had the first orgasm! He told me to take off my panties and come back to work. He left me there and went back up to the bar.

I couldn’t leave myself in that state so I looked around for something to use. The cellar was cold, and we used it for the storage for the veg for the kitchen. There on the shelf was a box of carrots – perfect. I picked a medium sized one and sat on a beer barrel. Gently I pushed it in my pulsating fanny and finished off what Andy had started.

That’s when I noticed the door at the top of the stairs wasn’t quite shut. I thought I saw somebody moving, but in my throes of ecstasy I couldn’t be sure – to be honest, even if there were someone there, I couldn’t have stopped anyway.

I tidied myself up (threw the carrot in the bin) and went back upstairs. Andy gave me a big grin and a double Vodka and Coke – he said I’d earned it!