Written by Corrine

18 May 2005

We have anew neigbour in the village. She is english and is 57 years old. She is married but as I later found out had not had sex since her youngest daughter was born some 20years ago.

I went up to her house to invite her for a drink and she asked me in. She made coffee and we talked about each other and life in the village. She said her husband was probably joining her in a few months time when he retired until then she was going to enjoy herself. I asked her what sort of enjoyment and she replied that anything goes after 20 years of nothing. I said would she make love and she said in the right circumstances,yes. Would she do it with another woman?

she replied she had had a torrid affair with another woman nearly 40 years ago when she was at university but had no chance since.

I asked if she had the chance would she do it now. She thouhgt for a moment and said yes.

I moved round the table aand kissed her sliding my hands across her breast. She sighed. 'Let's go into the lounge Corrine and get comfortable.' So I followed Sandie into the lounge which was furnished with soft low settees.

We looked at each other and Sandie pushed me onto a settee and began to fondle my breast under my blouse. My Nipples hardened at her touch and I unbuttonned my blouse. Sandie fell upon the with her lips sucking and nibbling noisily.

I slid my hand up her skirt and felt her through her wet knickers.I slid the to one side and slid two finger into her hole. She whimpered and bit my nipples causing me to have a massive orgasm. Felling me cum she rapidly followed' writhing and moaning.'God! That's the first time I've cum in years,' she whipsered in my ear.

We stripped each otherand She was slim with 34A breasts and long nipples. As i had found out her cunt had long silky hairs and was dripping silver cunt juice. We soon went down on each other and had fantastic orgasms.

It was soon time to go so I invited her to come and meet Graham and we would see what transpired.