Written by a knackered husband

3 Jan 2007

Last night my wife and I had another fantastic session at Maggie and Jims. We'd received a phone call from Maggie yesterday afternoon after returning from their house. Maggie said they wanted us to come over again and she was amazed that niether me or Mary had been involved in swining before, she said we were naturals. We were told to put on just one old or disposable item of clothing.

We arrived at their house at about 8.00pm. There was a note on the door saying come in and men go to the front lounge and women to the back lounge. We thought this was quite strange but did as instructed. I went into the front lounge to be greeted by Jim and 4 other guys. Jim said tonight we are going to have some real fun. Mary had gone into the rear lounge to be met by Maggie and one other girl.

Jim said that each of the women next door had the choice of 2 men each and that all the men would be behind a cloth screen which had holes cut in it and the idea was that the men would stick their cocks through the holes and the women would select two cocks of their choice. The women were to be blindfolded and could only use their mouths to select their partners. The first to go was Gloria, followed by Many and finally Maggie. Each of the girls had been given a distinctive marker pen that assisted in their identification of their chosen guys.

Jim and I were the last to be chosen so we were taken to the master bedroom by Maggie. We were ordered to strip and lie on the bed, leaving a space for Maggie, which she duly filled after she had stripped of. The sex was fantastic. It was the first time I had been involved in a spit roasting.

Next door was where Mary had gone with her 2 guys, but of course she had been spit roasted for the first time the previous night, so it wouldn't be new for her. But it did not turn out that way. She was kept blindfolded and placed on the bed, her hands and feet were tied to the bed. Mary had chosen an old dress to wear, as her one iten of clothing. The guys then cut Mary's Dress of her, leaving her totally naked on the bed. Then guys then kissed and caressed every part of her body before each one in turn giving her a good fuck.

Maggie announced that we were going to play their version of musical chairs, where the girls stayed in the rooms allocated to them and the men would move round. The instruction on the next door was not to say a word. We entered and found Mary tied to the bed. We got to work on her and took it in turn to fuck her. Time moved on and we went to the last bedroom. The instruction on this door was say nothing and and one should use the front entry the other should use the back entry. Jim was the first in and he had conventional sex with this blindfolded young woman. Then it was my turn and I had never done anal sex before, so it felt unusual. It was tight, but well lubricated. She obviously reached her climax at the dame time as me and was quite noisy.

Everyone then met in the jacuzzi to relax. I forgot to say that the drink was flowwing freely again. The girls had a guy on each side of them and you could tell that we were all getting a hand job to see us on our way. We were all provided with the bath robes that we had the previous night to drive home in. The last girl Gloria grabbed hold of me before we went and said that she would phone me for a repeat dosage of what I'd given her.

We went out to the car and Maggie had said that we would give 2 of the guys a lift home since they were on our way. One got in the front and the other said to Mary that he would keep her company in the back. I would not have called it company. The minute we were of the drive he had Mary's bathrobe off and was licking her pussy, he then lifted her up and sat her straight onto what had to be one of the largest cocks I have ever seen. We arrived at the guy in the fronts house, they were still fucking away in the back. We then got to the other guys house and I had to wait until the lovebirds had come. Then we were away home, for what I thought would be a pleasant sleep, but no, Mary wanted more. 7 times she had been fucked and still wanted a night cap.