Written by Tonys Mate

5 Aug 2008

Like most blokes we wondered about the gay side of life but never get around to it, well that was my outlook till I took a young lad Tony on as my assistant, now Tony was 21 but a real Mummys boy, played the church organ as a hobby and liked to see the choir boys in all there robes.

Now I never had any problem with Tony - a bit slow, but honest and trustworthy with goods and money, not like some I have had, cut the story shorter we both went off to a trade conference and I booked a twin bed room for us - as his Mum was worried about him being in a strange room by his self, once there I introduced him to Vodka for the first time, and Tony was carefree by the time we got to our room, ny was on the loo and I walked in to find him pulling his cock, I did no more but got my cock out and peed in the sink, he was oh dear sorry Mr X - you wont tell my Mum will you - dont be fucking daft I said - I enjoy a good wank myself and started to toss off in front of him - well his eyes were wide open at seeing my cock being pulled right back and forth - go on then I said start wanking - he must have misunderstood me and lent forward and took my cock in his hand and ever so gently started to wank me, come here I said and took him over to his bed and laid him down leaning over him I took his cock in my hand and stared to pull his skin back - he was a virgin even at that and was so tight - so I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and pulled back with plenty of spit, I could taste the precum and then his cock head was free, he was oo-ooing, so I sucked deep onto his stick and wanked him gentle, he was feeling for my cock, so I stopped and said right give me your thumb and I then sucked it hard - now suck mine hard I said and he took my thumb and sucked it hard - right I said open up and suck this bigger thumb and put my cock into his mouth, he was hesitant at first, then started to suck and work my cock with his hand, now for a beginner he was good, I was playing with his cock and I knew he was soon ready to come, the first time he shot into his hanky, and wiped it all nice, I was soon back to the blow job and did no more but hold his head and shot my load into his throat -he could do no more but swallow it as I was pinching his nose, the funny thing was he did not seem to mind - now it was my first Gay blow job, and Tony was doing fine for a virgin, we stopped and had a few more drinks whilst Tony asked me questions like Anal and what was it like to shag women, and what about young boys - I knew his direction, and told him it was a NO NO with young kids, But I did let him feel what a cock up his arse was like and I gave him a good pounding up that virgin hole,I let him try and have my arse but he was a bit sloopy and getting soft and never got much in, he wanted to wank me off and taste the spunk on his lips as I came, now I did not turn that offer down.

The next day we left the conference around 3pm and headed home, to my suprise Tony kept talking about sex and how he enjoyed our night together, when we got back to the factory to drop the trade bits off, and all the leaflets, I pulled Tony to one side and said right do something with this and dropped my pants, he was on my cock like a rocket and was sucking and pulling away - I was soon dropping my load in his mouth, right I said your turn for anal and bent over the desk - well Tony needed no promting this time and I felt his 6 inches come up my hole - now for my first anal it was not too bad, yer it was a bit painful but soon wore off as Tony was now pushing in as deep as he could - I could feel his passion was getting there and he shot his load right up me, keep pumping I said every drop like I fucked your arse.

Well Tony is still my Assistant and he sometimes stops overnight (tells his Mum we are going out to a pub or somewhere) and then he is as eager as a rabbit, must say he likes cock anyway now, and I sometimes get him a gay DVD to let him work his self off on - we went to Spain for a week and I booked two girls for two hours and introduced Tony to shagging women - the girls thought it great, and we booked them 3 times during the week, even into a MMF double entry which he got very exicted about as he had her arse, whilst my 7 inches was up her cunt, nice thing was having Tony as my fuck buddy was he always did the cleaning up and running around, whilst I mainly fucked and sucked at leisure.