Written by Bennie

22 Jan 2007

My wife Joy and I decided to go to a hotel in the highlands for New Year to sample their hospitality and boy was it good. We were watching the caberet and being crowded there was very little spare seats. We were sitting at a 2 seat table when a young guy said I've got a chair, can I borrow a corner of your table. Sure we said and moved round a bit. We got talking and Mark a local guy filled us in on what happens at a Scottish hogmanay. After half an hour I said to Joy, he cant stop looking at your tits. I know she said and he's not really trying to hide it. Can you blame him I said, a push up bra and a low top with your size of tits there are a few looking. I looked into Joy's eyes and said do you want to fuck him. Expecting a "dont be stupid" reply like normal I turned away and nearly choked on my coke when she said "yes please" Are you sure I said and she nodded Ive alwas wanted a black cock. Well we arranged that I would pretend to get very drunk and Mark would give her a hand to get me up to bed and so long as I was in the bed they fucked on anything went. 2am and as they took me upstairs singing and falling down (pretence) dropped me on to the bed. As I fell down I grabbed Joys top and bra and they both came off. Joy stood hands on hips and looked at Mark and said youve looked at them all night do you want to play with them now they are out. Mark looked at me but Joy said its OK he wont wake till late tomorrow. Well Mark was over and started kissing and chewing Joys nipples, his hand slidunder her skirt and I heard her moan as his fingers slipped up her juicy fanny. They lay on the bed beside me and squinting through my eyes I could see Joy pushing his head down towards her honey pot. She let out a loud moan as he started to lap her sodden cunt and within a few minutes she was moaning Oh god Oh god as she came 3 times in succession. Mark came up and eased his impressive 9" cock between her lips, she opened wide and took it greedily. She has only given me oral twice but only with a condom but here she was sucking greedily on Marks black cock and no condom. After a few minutes Mark held her head and started to gently ride her mouth, 5 minutes later he pushed it gently in as far as it would go and released his spunk. Joy tried to swallow everything but being so deep in she started to gag and released the black monster which continued to spew spunk over her face and hair. She quickly put it in her mouth again and swallowed the rest. Thats a pity she said I really wanted that cock inside me. Its still hard said Mark and started to put on a condom, no Joy said I want to feel it, ride me bare back. I watched as Mark mounted her sliding 9" of cock easily into her waiting hole. I felt Joys hand take hold of mine as she said to Mark fuck me good. Mark started slow and for the next half hour gradually built up his speed as Joy moaned and screamed the whole time until he said god bitch Im coming, fill my belly with spung Joy said as Mark started to grunt and jerk as he let her belly have it. As he lay on top of Joy kissing and licking her tits he suddenly started thrusting hard and really fasr for a few minutes and let loose another load of spunk into Joy. As he rolled off Joy said stay the night please. Mark readily agreed saying you are some ride. I was wakened twice more that night as Mark pounded into Joy filling her of spunk each time. When he left I looked at Joy her hair and face covered in spunk which was dripping on to her huge tits which looked really raw and covered in love bites. Her pussy was also oozing spunk and her thighs covered in love bites. Have a good night I asked, she grinned, you bet I did and you got to see another man fuck me and a black one which you always wanted and so did I once I had decided months ago to do it. I rolled on to Joy and slipped my meagre 6" in and slipped about amid a gallon of spunk but we both still came. We think we will visit Scotland again next New Year (maybe summer holidays too)