Written by Anne n Martin

7 Jan 2005

New Years Eve was spent away in Southampton with my brother and sister-in-law and to be quite honest I thought it would be quite a quiet and pleasant evening away as they were the only ones that we were expecting to be with.

Upon arrival as expected this was the case and naturally we started drinking. At about 10.30 PM I did not have a care in the world and the door knocked. Shortly after into the front room walks a 28 year old teacher from my brother’s school named Spencer. He was 6’4, dark hair, deep dark eyes and the most confident manner I had ever seen in a man. I had never met him before but he bent down and gently kissed me on the lips (just a peck) and then shook Martin’s hand a wished us a happy new year. In my ‘squiffy’ state I liked it, having just been thinking ‘oh my god he looks so sexy’. Well it turns out he was married and lived three doors down and had just popped in but if we’d like to we could go back to his place. I noticed he was looking at me when he said that and without being in full possession of my senses in my alcohol induced state announced we would all love to.

Five minutes later we are back at his place and I am sat next to his wife chatting about the next round the world yacht race in a house full of people. All the time my mind was drifting to being on a yacht as her husband’s plaything and being totally used by him. I am so submissive in bed and allow men to do whatever they want to me (when I decide to be with them that is as I am very, very fussy). I was becoming quite aroused and had quite a tingling feeling coming from between my legs. I could feel the warm moist wetness of my pussy as my labia lips slide against the sides of my clit as I sat gently moving my thighs and adjusting myself in the chair to feel some friction against me.

As she sat chatting I could not help but look at her lips moving and wondering about them sliding up and down on her husband’s cock and licking around his balls. I suddenly snapped out of it as Spencer crashed down next to me and handed me a very large glass of red wine and said this would help me relax. He then asked his wife what was happening with something in the oven and off she went.

We were sat facing each other on the sofa with me facing to the right and him to the left. So for the next 5 minutes I sat making small talk, flirting and giggling. Well it did not take long for the subject of sex come up and Spencer told me how he loves older slim attractive women (I am 37). I could not help myself. It just popped out how I liked younger fit men who have hairy chests. He looked and then lent toward my ear and whispered “I have a very hairy matt black chest just perfect for you”. I suddenly became aware of my breathing, I was actually panting like a dog and I could feel my heart pumping very hard. I was shaking a little too and had to rest my hand on my lap to stop anyone noticing. I was being bloody toyed with, I was enjoying every second of it.

I lent over and whispered into his ear “why are you doing this to me”, he lent back “I think you have a great body and because I want to know whether I can make you cum”. I lent back over to his ear and whispered again but letting my lips gently touch his skin and said “I am so wet for you right now”. I lent back and allowed my eyes to wonder down to his crotch and saw his cock straining against the cloth of his trousers’

I made it obvious where I was looking and then looked back into his eyes and said nothing. He was sat there panting with a big grin on his face like a little boy. My clit was swollen and hard and I just wanted to get to the toilet and make myself cum. I gave my sweetest smile and said “excuse me I need the loo where is it please?” He directed me upstairs and the first door on the right. I got up, swayed, felt very damp between the legs and went off up the stairs to the bathroom switched on the light and pushed the door closed.

As it shut, it burst open, in shot Spencer who quickly closed the door. He grabbed me forced his mouth onto mine and I willingly responded with all the sexual want that had been building up in me.

He turned me round and I felt his left hand stroking over the hard erect nipple that was feeling like electricity was flowing through it. He pulled me back into him and I felt his hard cock against the base of my back throbbing. He reached into the top of the lining of my trousers (which incidentally are quite well fitting) and forced his hand down into my knickers and straight to my clit. “You’re so fucking wet, your just turning me on so much”. I pulled his hand out of my crutch and looked at it. It was all glistening wet and when he opened his hands it was liked a spider’s web as my thick juices clung to his fingers. I get very wet when I’m really aroused and right now all my inhabitations had gone, it was just all about animal sex.

I decided wickedly to do my party piece which drives men wild, I took his hand and licked hungrily over his fingers. He grabbed my face and forced it up and around and rammed his tongue urgently into my mouth. He stopped and mumbled my pussy tasted great and guess what; my party piece had the desired effect.

I felt his hand go down to my trousers pulling at the fastening and then tugging my zip down. I reached behind to him, a willing woman wanting this man to fuck me, stroking at his crutch and his erect cock. I stayed obediently in my position like a good girl waiting to be pleasured and satisfied.

He then pulled down my trousers to my ankles. What he did next was an amazing turn on. He reached to the string on the left side of my hip to my thong and just snapped it and then did the other side. He carefully took my thong from the front and the back and then pulled up on it into my pussy and my clit. He then pulled it to the front letting the soft thin material rub at my soaking slit. God it felt good and I was moaning quietly fearing I would be discovered which made it even better.

As the last of the material was through I was forced own onto the floor onto my hands and knees. I was shaking all over and felt very close the climaxing there and then. My lover then stepped back from me and I heard the sounds of trousers being pulled down and off with the inevitable stumbling as the shoes get stuck.

I never turned around at all. I felt two hands grip me tightly around the waist and then felt Spencer gently position his cock on my pussy. I felt him slid he bell end up and down over my slit and clit to wet himself. He then went back to my cunt and rammed home the whole of his cock into me. I gasped at the speed and wanton lust of it. He paused and then began to fuck me. I really mean fuck me. He banged away at me and within seconds I felt myself begin to cum. I could not open my legs as my trousers were around my ankles. My pussy tightened on him and I covered my mouth to stop me being loud which was very hard. This I would normally hate I love to release myself verbally when I cum but on this occasion it just made me more excited. The orgasm was intense, he felt tight and filled me very well, add to that the amount of pussy juice I was producing and the fact my thighs were closed together and he was just shagging the granny out of me was out of this world. I was being pulled and pumped like a rag doll.

As my climaxed subsided I came over all sensitive and tried to slow Spencer down and tried to pull away to let the edge fall off of it but he was having none of it. He seemed to be even more excited tan ever and I felt his right thumb slip into my arse and bore into me. My arousal was immediate again.

For what seemed like ages I felt his cock ram into me and his thumb fingering my arse. He pulled his thumb out and then took hold of my hips again. He began to really fuck me like a man possessed. I knew after I would feel sore and bruised but what the hell.

I felt him change rhythm slightly and felt his cock twitch and then he let out a stifled breath and breathe in deeply where he had been holding his breath. I felt his spunk pour into my pussy which immediately triggered my second orgasm. He pulled out and I felt his spunk hitting the backs of my legs and my clit as he held his cock to my pussy. As he unloaded on me I felt his cock strain against me and each time he spunked.

I was breathless and now had a post coital headache from holding my breath. He got up I said he had better get out and get back. He pulled up his trousers and whispered that was amazing to which I replied “so were you now get going we’ll chat later”. He opened the door and quietly left, I locked the door. I was covered in spunk it was all over my thighs and my arse and was now slowly dripping out of my pussy and onto the floor. I get so horny at seeing sperm leak and drip from me. I love the earthiness of it. I pulled off loads of toilet roll and got cleaned up with my legs shaking. I made some loo roll into a make shift sanitary towel and pulled my trousers up as it was still coming out. My destroyed knickers were next to the sink and I slid them into my pocket.

Now this may appear to have lasted sometime but it didn’t, ten minutes at most. It was urgent naked sex and was over in no time at all but it felt great. I tried to cool myself down, I was red in the face and my neck looked the colour of a tomato. I stayed a bit and used cold water to calm down.

I returned downstairs as someone I did not know came up and asked whether the toilet was free, I grinned a reply with a nod.

Martin was chatting up a lovely young lady and as we have an understanding let him continue without interruption. I sat down with feeling satisfied and had another drink of wine. Nothing much else to say really except at midnight I caught Spencer gave him a kiss and shoved my damp thong into the pocket of his trouser under the cover of darkened lights. Well going to visit my brother again may be so much fun. Martin did get lucky too.

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