Written by hornyones

1 Jan 2007

hi this just hapend to us we went out on the town last night haveing a real good time plenty to drink my wife has a short denem skirt on small top and long black boots looked real horny anyway we orderd a taxi for 11 30 as time went on i was thinking what we could get up to so as the taxi came in we got the driver was a young lad aboyt 25 and i was feeling horny so as we drove i loosend my my pants pushed them down and then my shorts there i was sat in the back with my cock and balls hanging out felling so horny when she saw me she took hold of my cock and started to wank me slowly i could see the driver looking and adjusting his mirrow so he could get a better look so i just took hold of her ass and lifted her skirt so he could see her ass he then slowed the car down and she sat up and opend her legs wide to see her wet pussy i was playing with her clit till it got hard he said he would make it a free ride if he could watch us on that note we went back to ours where he watched me fuck and lick her till she cum then i licked her clean looking foward to the next time