Written by PC 49

12 Jul 2018

It is a long time since I posted here. I am still involved with Molly and she and I have been lovers for 4 years now. She is 30 and a very sexy, busty woman. I know I am lucky to have her in my life.

We have been talking of how she could cuckold me properly, her last effort nearly ripping us apart, and causing much hurt and anguish. I came on here and chatted with a few peope about this and we at lunch time had a 3 way conversation with a well spoken man who Molly finds attractive. It was using a messenger electronically, but in real time. It only comprised a few sentences, but at the end Molly told me to telephone the Bull and thank him, and to assure him of our seriousness. He was well spoken, polite and thanked me for making the arrangements and link.

I rang off having automatically called him Sir.

I shall keep anyone who is interested fully informed. I found the conversation, into which I was told by Molly not to speak, a huge turn on as she flirted with him and complimented him. Speaking to him wa both demeaning and yet extremely erotic and I was hugely turned on.

More as it progresses. Thank you for reading.