Written by Andy and Sue

17 Nov 2004

My wife and I had a friend that was passing through town call to see if we could get together. I had a big project going at the office so my wife decided to have him over for dinner the following Friday night. William was kind of an easy going guy so we thought dinner and movie at home would allow us to get caught up on each other’s activities.

My wife made a nice Indian meal. We ate, drank lots of wine, talked and laughed. After dinner we put in a movie and settled in with the rest of the wine. I had trouble staying awake. Between the Curry the wine and the long hours at work I must have dozed off. Part way through the movie I felt my wife lay her head in my lap and figured she must be having the same problem. I tried to shake myself awake figuring we weren’t being very good hosts.

I looked down at my wife and through half-closed eyes I could see that see was actually wide-awake. That made me feel better. Through half-closed eyes I noticed my wife’s face was flushed and her breathing was choppy. I shook myself awake. I looked down at her and she said “Do…you…see…what…he’s …doing…to…your…wife?” Her words were coming slowly between short, heavy breaths.

When I dozed off my wife and I was on the long portion of our sectional sofa and William was on the short adjoining seat. I now looked to my right and noticed that he had joined us on the sectional. In fact my wife’s head was on my lap but her legs were draped over William. I looked back down at my wife and she asked again if I saw what he was doing to her? I looked again and saw that he had his hand up her dress! He was playing with her pussy!

“Do…you…see…what…he’s…doing…. To…. You’re…wife?”

I nodded. “Does it feel good?” I asked, still groggy.

“He’s…. Going…. To…make…. Me…cum”, she panted. She looked like she was fighting her orgasm but maybe she was prolonging it. I stroked her face.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked. She was breathing hard and biting her lower lip. She nodded. I brushed her hair back, stroked her face, looked her in the eyes and said “Then cum for me baby. Come on. Let it go!”

She pulled her knees up to her chest giving William’ hand full access to her. I held her head as I heard the sound of his hand hammering what sounded like a drenched pussy. She turned her head into my stomach and did everything she could to muffle the sound of her orgasm but there was no denying it. Her hips started bucking then her body tensed and shook.

She slowly turned her head back and looked up at me with dewy eyes and mouthed “Thank you.” Thank me? I didn’t do anything. She turned her head back toward my stomach but her mouth clamped the shaft of my now hard cock that was pressed tightly against my stomach. She slowly used her teeth on it before pulling my waistband down enough for my cock to pop out. She lightly licked the head before wrapping her mouth around it. She was going to pay me back for her orgasm. She stroked my shaft through my shorts. I felt her swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. She rolled over and soon her head was bouncing in my lap forcing my shorts down, allowing more of me to enter her mouth. She reached her other hand inside the legs of my shorts and rubbed my balls.

She took her mouth off my dick looked up at me and said, “Do you see what he’s going to do to me?” I looked to my right and saw William now kneeling behind my wife. I shook my head. She said, “He’s…going…. To… put…. It…in!” I turned and this time I saw him rubbing his dick up and down against her ass. On every upward stroke I saw the engorged, purple head of his cock peek over the top of her ass. My wife wasn’t moving. She was now just holding my dick as he continued rubbing against her.

“He’s…. Going…. To…put…. His…. Cock…in…your…wife!” she said through heavy breaths.

“Would you like that? Is that what you want? I asked. I turned to look at William. He had stopped rubbing his cock against her ass and looked like he had moved lower, rubbing it against her slit.

“YES” she groaned. She gripped my dick at the root very hard, almost too hard. She had given him permission to enter. He pushed his cock into her forcing her forward as a deep hiss escaped her. He pulled back and waited but he didn’t wait long before she was pushed herself back at his waiting cock. He pushed her forward again, even harder. And she pushed back even faster. She was pushing harder and harder, rolling her hips. Her head was down in my lap but she wasn’t touching me anymore. She had both hands on the arm of the sectional and was using her arms to cushion against his powerful thrusts and then to push her pussy back hard at his huge cock. She began rocking quicker, taking the full length of him and fucking him with all her might.

“STOP!” I said.

They slowed to an almost imperceptible grind and I heard a slight whimper from my wife. I know they thought it was over but truthfully I was just feeling left out. I was not going to be left out. “William, lay down on the floor and you get on top of him.” William hopped up and lay in the middle of the floor. He grabbed his cock at the base and stood it straight up as my wife straddled him before lowered herself on to his hard cock. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. As they kissed I squatted behind her and put my feet on each side of Williams’ legs. I put my hands on her ass and used my thumbs to pull her cheeks apart. She knew what was coming and I swear I heard her moan. I lined my cock up with her tight puckered hole. Slowly, but firmly pushed my cock up her tight ass. That stopped their kiss. My wife squealed as I entered her. I was barely all the way in before she began to push back against me. Or was it against him? She began to roll her hips while she rocked and groaned. William began to fuck wildly. My wife screamed that she was cumming. All the movement below me was more than I could handle and I shot my load deep in my wife’s ass. We slowly untangled but never said a word as we straightened our clothing. After dressing William thanked us for the nice meal and quickly left. The nice meal?