Written by Happyman

2 Dec 2004

Just had to post this whilst it was still fresh. Nothing fantastic but nothing like it has happened to me before.

I run a smallish business and this time of year I take various customers out for Christmas lunch.

Today I took a group of 8, 7 men and 1 woman to a restaurant in Colchester. The woman must be 50 and is the general factotum to the 7 guys in the office.

I visit these guys in their office quite regularly and my only contact with this lady is when she asks if I'd like coffee. She is quiet and totally unremarkable.

Today we agreed to meet in a pub for a pre-lunch drink and I was amazed at the transformation of this lady. She had really dressed up and looked immensely fuckable.

How she had managed to hide her magnificent tits from me for 3 years I do not know.

Anyway as luck would have it, I was seated next to her in the restaurant and for the first time had a proper chat with her. Midway through the meal I distinctly felt her hand run up my thigh under the cover of the tablecloth.

At first I thought it was an accident and didn't react. However, whilst we were waiting for the sweet menu she laid her hand directly on my thigh and then proceeded to run it across my groin lightly brushing my cock.

I looked at her but she was talking to one of her male colleagues across the table.

When the dessert menu arrived, 4 of us didn't want any,including her and I. We just ordered coffee.

I could not believe what happened next. Quite calmly and without anyone noticing, her hand went under the tablecloth again and this time she starts rubbing my cock through my trousers.

As you can imagine, I got a raging hard on whilst trying to remain focussed on the conversation I was having with one of her bosses. Now she must have done this before because with total ease she unzipped me and freed my throbbing prick.

She then tickled it just under the helmet and I felt my balls tighten. She carried this on for a few moments and the sensation was electric. It was like have my prick tickled with a feather.

Then without hesitation and whilst carrying on a conversation round the table, she took my rampant cock in her hand and expertly tossed me off.

I've never been in such a position but as you lads know a standing prick has no morals. If someone had told me this was going to happen I would have doubted I get get an erection, (fear of discovery etc) but I tell you at that point I just didn't give a fuck.

To avoid making it obvious what she was up to, she was wanking slowly and it took me some minutes to reach the point of no return. When that moment arrived I just felt a rush of ecstasy and shot my spunk on the restaurant floor under the table. She carried on wanking until I'd come my last drop and then manoeuvered back into my jockeys and zipped me up.

We left the restaurant shortly afterwards and went our seperate ways. I shook hands with the guys and gave her a peck on the cheek.

That maybe the end of the story but obviously I've got to follow up. If anything happens I'll keep you good people of swinging heaven posted