Written by Joyce

18 Jun 2006

A few months ago went to a club with my sister I had a pair of boots short black skirt just covering stocking tops when stood up no pants pushup black bra under a red lowcut top. We danced with a few guys then a couple of black guys bought us drinks it must have been about 1.00am by now they asked did we fancy going somewhere else with them,my sister would not go but I said ok. Once sister had been picked up we left, they took me to a rough part of town a doorway between boarded up shops.

They rang the bell a big black guy opened the door omce in they chated to the guy about the only bits I could make out was shes the first and about 20 to 25 didn't make much sence to me. Then the big guy had a good look at me saying not bad he then put his hands on the bottom of my skirt on my thighs and in one move slide his hands and my skirt on to my hips while lifting me onto a bar stool, as my pussy is now exposed he says to the lads I had come with "you've already been here" no she was like that when we met her we thought we'd wait till we get her on the bed. at the same time his hands moved up taking my top over my head and he is now undoing my bra, as my tits drop out my bra I say whats going on I'am fucking you before that lot get their hands on you his 8in cock is now out and heading for my wet pussy he fucks me hard and fast and as I start to build up to an orgasum I feel his warm spurm deep inside me. As he pull out of me I climb of the chair I reach for my top he says you can collect them on the way out and he takes my bag and phone saying I'll lock them up safe down here.

John & Mac start to walk me up stairs I say what did he meen they said black guys bring white women here for black guys to fuck I stop they say he wont let you out and if you don't do it freely we will chain your arms and legs to the bed. As we crossed the room to the bar there was cheers and whistles the barman came round felt my tits and fingered me saying I'll enjoy fucking you white slag. We got a drink and sat down there was a vidio showing a girl in her 20s being fucked by a load of black guys as my eyes driffed down I realised the bed she was on was on a small stage under the screen. The lads must have realised I'd recognised it they said thats right we vidio you being fucked.

I went to the loo the ladies was padlocked I went in the gents the only cubicle was out of order I iched my skirt up over a urinal with my back to the wall the guy using the next one was holding my tit with one hand he then stood in front of wanking hiself hard once I'd finished he turned me round and fucked me bent over the urinal. Back at the table I finished my drink the lads said are you coming to the bed on your own or being carried i stood up they took my skirt of and walked me to the bed once on the bed they stripped John got between my legs while Mac knelt near ny face pushing his cock towards my mouth as John was now pushing in and out my pussy some men were now standing in front of the stage watching they said they won't touch you till we've fucked you this time I managed to cum before john filled my pussy with the 3rd lot of cum then I swolled Macs load in my mouth, they swopped ends and I got a repeat except John pulled out shooting cum up my face and in my hair shouting now she looks like a real white slut'

As they rolled of me guys were stripping of to have their turn then they said look Dans going 1st got to see this I looked down to see this guy about 55 -60 about to get between my leg then I saw it 12ins and thick 2=21/2in

he started to push I screamed in pain it must have taken 10min before it was all iside me I was still screaming in pain dicks were being pushed deep in my throat to try and stop me screaming I bit a couple of them as he started to thrust in and out slowly the pain turned to pleasure and before he shoot his load he had managed to get to thrusting the full lenth in and out.

When 1 rolled of me his place was quickley taken my tits were covered in cum my arse had been used several times it must have been about 4.00 before a girl about 25 joined me on the bed it was gone 7.00 before we left about 30 guys had fucked me in every position and every hole they could John and Mac took me back to their flat to recover. Don;t know if I'll try it again but fancy trying Dan again.