Written by Joyce

25 Jun 2004

Went out the other week with my sister I,am late 40s but look younger 36b2938 short leather skirt laced up side low top thong and boots. This black guy dance with me we had a couple of drinks he asked did I fancy going to a privaye club he knew that was open all night so of we went. We went to a part of town I didn't know this large run down house it was quite dark inside I was the only white face there was about 30 people in there but only 2 other girls. After a couple of drinks and some dancing he took me to a room which had a double bed nice soft lighting he soon had me striped naked and I had his cock in my hand he was about 7.5in and thick as John was fucking me he moved my arms up and placed them in handcuffs that I hadn't noticed before were fasted to the metal headboard. Shortly after that and before John had cum the door opened and in came a 2 other guys who came over saying come haven't you finished yet John I can't wait for my turn as they started to get there cocks out. I felt John explode inside me I had cum at the thougt of being in a strange place handcuffed and guy queing to fuck me. As John rolled of the first of these 2 guys staeted to fuck me as he filled me with his cum his mate was ready to take his place.

The room was filling this guy who was well in 60s came over he must of been a least 12in & 3in thick the pain as he forced it in was unbarable but as the pain eased as he slowly fucked me and I just started to cum and cum my tits were being pulled in all directions. I had dicks in my handcuffed hands my mouth guys were wanking over me and my pussy was constantly full of a beautiful big nlack cock. It must of been after about 20 guys had fucked my pussy before some guy tried my arse and then I had a couple of double penatrations. Before the morning came round I thonk ever guy in the place had had me once and I lost count how many had me more than once the old guy had me 3 time and the pain was the same every time he pushed it in but I;am glad he did I must have been fucked about a 100 times all bareback and all black guys cum was still runing down my legs when I went home I made sure John had my no. incase he wants another night