Written by beaupeep

19 Nov 2009

After having just finished the last of 4 night shifts at the hospital, I was dog tired it had been a harsh few days. I got home and just fell onto the bed without even bothering to undress! It was all I could do to kick off my shoes. I just lay there face down in the pillows hoping to remain undisturbed for the next few weeks but realistically knowing that hubby (Pete) would be home in about 5 hours for his lunch. And as it was my last night shift I didn’t want to oversleep because I wouldn’t sleep later.

Those 5 hours seem to pass really quickly they certainly seemed like less. I woke, still prostrate on the bed, to the sound of the key in the front door; but really couldn’t be bothered to move. Pete would be up in a little while with a coffee and wake me gently if he thought I hadn’t heard him. Maybe like one of those fairytale princesses with a kiss or more…? I had hardly seen him for a week after all. Fat chance! Much as I love him, he is about the most unimaginative soul on the planet. But a girl can dream. My mind is never too tired to wander even if my body is inert. After pondering the reality for a while I decided that when he brings the coffee I was gonna pretend to be asleep. So unless he gets overwhelmed with lust for me in my uniform and ravished me I was gonna sleep on. Could be here till July I mused.

The bedroom door opened a crack and the sound of tentative footsteps came across the floor. I stayed motionless and just listened as the bed creaked a little as he sat down beside me as he often does. He was probably wondering if I have taken one of his sleeping tablets from off the bedside cabinet as I occasionally do if I can’t sleep. Not today! Really not required, this is real, shift work induced unconsciousness!

His hand hovers near my head as if to stroke it, I can feel the heat from his fingers but he doesn’t touch me. Instead he very gently touches the fabric of my black tights and strokes the back of my legs showing below the hem of my nurse’s dress. My body tingles but being stubborn I’m determined to wait it out and continue to pretend to be asleep, keeping my face where he can’t see it, down in the pillows.

After stroking my legs gingerly for a few moments he lengthens his stroke just enough to take his hand from ankle to mid thigh squeezing my tired muscles gently as he goes. Mmm I think, this is just what the Dr ordered. It was definitely waking up my body and mind. He pushes his hands further up the hem of my dress and slides it expertly over my hips and continues his impromptu massage on my black clad bottom. Ok I think, I’m not sure how long I can keep up the pretence of being asleep but this is fun!

After what seems like an eternity he slides both hands under the waistband of my tights and gently wriggles them down taking my knickers with them, past my bottom, down to my knees and they land almost silently on the floor beside us. This doesn’t quite give him free access to my undercarriage but doesn’t stop him trying and succeeding in inserting a finger into my now wet and willing hole. Despite my plan I am enjoying myself so much at this point can’t help but groan which makes him stop completely still. Damn, I thought. He was obviously enjoying ravishing an ‘unconscious’ woman too, I’d better go back to sleep! I squirm just enough and turn over to allow ‘ease of access’. Then I am still once more.

After what seems like an eternity, he moves round the bed and tentatively starts to finger my damp mound again, gently teasing out my man in the boat. Lowering himself further down the bed he begins to lick and tease me with his tongue, as much as you can tease someone who’s asleep! The frustration of keeping still is killing me. But he carries on, ignorant of my musings but surely he can’t fail to notice the fact that I’m juicier than a ripe peach. He laps at my hot, sticky, musky mound which, rather than becoming less because of my inactivity is now soaking wet. At this point I hear the familiar sound of a zip and the release of the beast as he changes position. Manoeuvring himself behind me and pressing against my wetness he lifts my uniform for better access. Now I have always loved being fucked from behind and this is just a delicious game for me.

He starts to pump me, slowly at first, then faster, more deliberately. I hear his rapid breathing, his hot breath on my neck and imagine his glistening, wet bell end on my now aching lips if it was hard for me to control myself at this point, it was harder for him. After a short while I hear him groan as he comes. Shame, I thought, he normally goes like a sewing machine. But never mind it was all good. My disappointment doesn’t last though because he quickly moves round to my front again, moves my pillow and gives my shoulder a tentative push. I take this as my roll over onto my back, my eyes still shut and playing along.

I feel the zip on my uniform slide down revealing my red bra, which supports my very ample white bosom beautifully in an almost upright position. With this view he lowers himself across me cupping both breasts, gripping my nipples and sliding his now hard tool between them. This is heaven. Done properly I can come from someone playing with my breasts alone. And this was properly!! Like making loaves of fine bread and stirring with a mechanical tool. Cold and to a schedule but with delicious result. I start to tremble and have to open my mouth for more air. I hope he doesn’t notice and it gives my game away. But I figure you can sleep with your mouth open.

He obviously does notice but not for the reasons I thought. Quickly he moves from my breasts to my mouth, slipping his wet end between my lips. It tastes of mixture of me and him but not quite as I remember. I daren’t suck as he’ll know and he continues to push it further in, quite forcefully at times, obviously enjoying his free face-fuck and surely getting a good view of his deeds in the bedroom mirror. At least he has the good sense to breathe in cause in this position his tummy often presses against my nose. I daren’t protest and don’t really want to but am thinking it’s going to be difficult to feign sleep with a mouthful of spunk. I needn’t worry, just as his pace starts to quicken he pulls out with a groan and fires spunk like a machine gun over my neck and breasts.

Just as quickly as he comes, he climbs off I hear the zip go back up, the front door bangs and he’s gone. Bastard! I thought you could have finished me off! Never mind I can do that my self. I frig all the pent up frustration out of my system and nod off again without even looking for my coffee. After a while I awake to the sound of a key in the door again. Oh God is 5 o’clock already? I look around for my now cold coffee but it’s nowhere to be seen. Just then Petes face appears with a fresh one and I ask what the time is. Lunchtime, I know you’re tired he says but you need to be more careful: there’s a note on the table from Bill saying he came round to see me earlier and you had left the keys in the front door…