Written by sid

29 Dec 2006

well this is as true has i am siiting here typing this and it only happened yesterday 28th December 2206.

my self and my wife went to our local hotel for a music night followed by late disco and met up with some friends one which is her best friend whom she stays with in town when she is on a night out with the girls as we live out in the sticks some 14 mile from town.

her friend kate is a very good looking women and a big chest size 38 d and my wife is 34d some a good pair together,any way we met up and the night was going well and drinks flowing and plenty of dancing and my wife and kate had arms around each other and was dancing and i could see kates hand was on her right brest which did get a buldge in be trousers and the night when on and some lads who had never see before was chating to them and i was close to here and see when one said i bet you two would kiss each other for us to see and with that they both kissed with open mouth and toungs in each other and the lads cheered them on..once they stopped the lads said they had a bunglow on hire for the weekend down the road and do they fancey going and with out a second they said why not and with out looking for me started to walk off as one of the guys said to me are you with them and i said no and he said well do you fancey shagging these two back at our place and with that i followed behind so they could not see me.once in side i went into the corner where i could see what was going on but they could not see me and the lads brought out drinks and said to my wife and kate lets see what you two can realy do now and they started to kiss again and the lads was feeling them and started to undo there clothes and then removed them till they was nacked. they both got on to the floor and my wife opened her legs to show her shaven wet pussy to which kate started to lick and the lads was nacked to and hands going in and out of every hole fingers in and out of both there pussys and then the one guy stuck his cock strait up kate and moved her over and the other guy stuch his cock strait in to my wife and ther was the two of them side by side being shagged and the moaning was some loud and with that the one guy shot his load followed my the other guy..

after that my wife moved in front of kate and started to lick her clean a which sent the guys hard again and this time they swapped over and shagged again but this went on for a lot longer seemed like 30 min or more before they came all 4 of them...i had got my cock out and wanked all over the curtans behind me and then looked around and the girls was going back to the hotel so i got out of the house and ran up the road and got a drink and the girls came in 5 min after me saying nothing but they had some smile on there face..wwll i still have nit said anything but would love to but dont know if i should...