Written by Localfucker

1 Mar 2005

A couple of years ago I flicked through the adverts on a Monday morning and saw one from a married woman who lived in the same town and was asking for someone to visit her whilst she was home alone during the daytime.I checked out the two pictures and saw she was a large woman with massive breasts and a tasty looking pussy which she had opened up for people to see how wet she got.I emailed her a reply along with a couple of pictures and told her that if she was interested email message me via messenger and about 25 minytes later she responded and said she was interested in meeting that day and told me that she would text me her address in an hour.I gave her my mobile number and waited for it to ring and just before the hour was up I received the text and saw she was only a couple of streets away when i checked the map.I set off around 11.30 and was soon walking up her driveway and made sure no one saw me as Sheila didn't want the neighbours to see and she opened the front door and ushered me in.She led me into the lounge and I got a great view of her body as she had on a black nightie which didn't hide her large tits and as soon as we sat on the sofa she kissed me fully on the lips and my hands ran over her body and I went up the inside of her nightie to fondle her tits and her nipples were rock hard as her tongue slipped into my mouth I could fel her relax and she opened her legs and I slid one down below and felt her sodden panties and peel them to oneside and slipped a finger inside her damp gash and started to finger fuck her and she then stopped kissing me and told me to come upstairs to her bedroom and I groped her all over as she walked in front of me.She pushed me onto the bed and began to undo my trousers and soon she was licking my helmet and sucking my shaft into her gob and her head was going up and down like a piston as she tasted my precum and she was so good.I moved further back on the bed and she dropped her nightie ripped off her panties and clambered on board my erect cock and leaned forward to feed me her dangling udders and I took each one into my mouth and sucked them and she used her cunt muscles to squeeze my cock hard and I told her to slow down as she would make me come to soon but she carried on and she looked so slutty bouncing on my cock with her tits swinging evrywhere I grabbed her arse closer and my spunk shot into her and she carried on as she moaned when she felt my goo deposited into her.Once she had drained my balls she climbed off and I could see my sounk dribbling down her leg as she opened her bedside cabinet and pulled out a dildo which she shoed stright up her pussy and she moved so she took my juice covered cock into her hungry mouth.I looked over at the mirror and wish I had a video camera as she was well away and she soon had me hard again and she took out the dildo and licked it clean of our moxed juies and then got on all fours and I sliped into her form the rear and I pumped into her and grabbed her tits and pulled hard and made her scream with delight or pain,whichever she urged me on to fill her once again and the bed springs were going like the clappers at one time I feared the bed would fall through the floor.Sheila then looked at the bedside clock and told me to hurry up as she needed to go pick her daughter up soon so I slapped her arse and bucked in and out of her and felt the sap rise and delivered another load into her and once drained climbed off her.She lay there with her legs open and looked exhausted.She told me to ring her in two days and I did just that,but the next time she came to me and we took it in turns for about a year and in the end we started seeing other people and our meetings ended but I don't regret it as she was a good fuck.

So if any ladies out there are local as well then look me up.