Written by Malcolm

12 Jul 2005

Hello to all

I'm Malcolm,i'm 40 years old and a batchelor.I'd like to

relate here the tale of my spanking encounters with a mature

female employee at the branch of a small but well known

supermarket chain,which i took over the running of,as

manager some time ago.

I had noticed that 56 year old Norma,a lady of Asian

descent,was a very dilligent and friendly employee,and at

the risk of appearing to favour her over her colleagues,i'd

often had the odd chat when time permitted,it was during

one of those chats i learned Norma was in fact a widow,and

her children had grown up,married and had kids of their

own.Norma though of Asian descent was very westernized in

both her attitude and her dress,especially for a woman of

her age group.I'd also noticed how her overall did not quite

conceal the swell of her large breasts or the broad beam

of her magnificent arse,and on more than one occasion i had

to conceal my erection,being as i'm a dedicated arse man.

Although Norma was very shy,and rather conventional in her

attitudes,i longed to date her.I am it must be said a

bit of a dominant character who loves nothing more than walloping

a nice big, mature ,submissive bottom.

To cut to the chase i invited Norma for an evening out,she

accepted ,but had reservations,i assured her their would

be no detrimental effect on our working relationship,and

indeed my discretion could be assured as indeed it would

be me who'd come out worse if the matter became gossip or

got to head office.

After 3 dates with the utterly charming Norma,i took the bull

by the horns,as we sat in a nice bistro i know,Norma stood to

go to the ladies room,she had worn a black jacket and white

blouse with brooch,her make up carefully applied,she looked

very smart and lovely,but it was the black trousers she wore

that stirred my imagination,very tight across the seat of

her big mature buttocks,Norma gave a little gasp as my

lecherous hand fondled a meaty left bumcheek as she stood,

i smiled up at her and gave her two light spanks on each

cheek.In the weeks ahead Norma was to learn much about

my predilliction for spanking big mature ladies bottoms.

Not being shy,i later waxed lyrcal to Norma about my

inerests and how i hoped perhaps she would help me with

them as indeed other ladies had at my previous postings.

I think Norma was actually relieved i was not looking for

a conventional long term relationship,and i was to all

intents asking her to help me with a hobby.

That evening at my house i took Norma across my knee and

delivered a good hand spanking to her big beautiful bum,

my broad palm cracked down repeatedly on her tightly trousered

seat,and i knew that i'd yet again found a willing spankee,

who soon be presenting her big coffee coloured arse for

the old school cane.

Indeed our once weekly sessions progressed well,i'd often

have Norma stand in the corner hands on head in just her

big bra and big knickers,she very much took to and enjoyed

the submissive role playing,indeed she never once refused

to touch her toes even though i was certain to be applying

6 hard whacks with the cane to her wobbling bottom.

I also ordered that Norma remove her bra on subsequent

occasions,and i certainly did not miss the opportunity to

fondle her big ripe full and slightly sagging breasts.

After our sessions i would often apply cooling cream to

Normas buttocks after taking down her knickers,she did not

mind and enjoyed the attention s much as i enjoyed giving

it.Indeed i used these occasions to get the most delightful

views of Norma's dark hairy vaginal opening and her very

tempting dark brown anus.

After a while i moved on from the branch,i wonder what Norma

does now,a lovely woman and a splendid playmate.