Written by Northernlad11

26 May 2006

This is my fantasy, I'm sure I'm not alone in sharing this and it would be good to hear from people who enjoy the same thing. So here goes, I hope it's as good as all the other great stories on here.

I'm a 38 year male from Newcastle I've often thought I was Bi but I was never sure. I always liked the idea of sucking another cock and having mine sucked.

I often thought of dressing in stockings and suspenders and a tight pair of panties for some wanking fun.

I was working from home one afternoon, when a guy sent me a message on msn, I'd chatted before but had never thought of taking things further. We got chatting talking about all sorts of things then he asked whether I fancied a meet, for some wanking fun. I thought for a while and decided this was my time to experiment, I said I was available in the afternoon and I would meet him at his house in an hour. I wanted to get dressed, I stripped off and stood naked infront of the mirror, my cock getting hard with the thoughts going through my head. I pulled on a black suspender belt and a black pair of stockings to finish my dressing I pulled on a black pair of panties with a small read bow at the front. My cock was hard by now, struggling to keep inside my tiny black panties. I slipped on my jeans and tshirt and headed out.

I knocked at the guys door not wanting to make eye contact and I was looking round just in case the neighbours were looking. The guy was older than I thought he wore a dressing gown, looking down I could see he had tights or stockings underneath. We went into the living room and he offered me a drink, there was already porn playing on the dvd, a young looking girl was getting fucked by two older guys.

We sat down on the sofa, he sat next to me his dressing gown was open and I could see his stocking tops and a tiny pair of white panties covering a rock hard cock