Written by Jess

12 Mar 2006

This is a true story of events which took place on Friday 10th March our first visit to the North Somerset Swingers group.

My husband and I arrived at the venue at 7pm having been told that a table for 18 of us was booked for 8pm. We checked into the hotel which had been entirely booked out for our "group" booking. Our room was a normal double room which we dumped our stuff into before going down to the bar. It was amusing being in the public bar area having a drink and looking the other couples and trying to guess if they were there for the same reason as us!

At 8pm we made our way through to the restaurant with butterflies in both of our tummies with the apprehension of what may transpire. This was our first proper outing into this scene. We took our seats opposite each other at the long table set out for 18. Other couples were coming through and soon the table was full with people. We all started chatting smalltalk as the wine started to flow. Dinner was great and we really hit it off with the couple sat next to us. We were on the end 2 seats so we only had one couple to chat to but the next couple up had joined our conversation at several times and they seemed nice to. The meeting had been arranged so that all of the couples were in a similar agegroup (25-40) Apparantly they also arrange meetings for other age groups and any age meetings, we chose the preference of 25-40.

We stayed at our table chatting for quite some time after dinner, before deciding to start going back upstais to our rooms. There was no plans made just some general invites. It turns out that a couple of the rooms were much larger family size rooms with multiple beds in. As you can imagine it did not take long for the fun to start. In our room were 4 couples. We all sat on the beds, chairs and floor chatting (which was much easier after a few wines) The talk was obviously of sex, swinging and experiences. It was lucky that we had a couple who were very experienced compared to us with no experience. Everyone explained there fantasies excepy one lady Jane. She said that as long as no-one minded, she would do hers now - There were no objections to which she promptly pulled up her skirt to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy with no knickers on!!

I was not expecting that! - The next thing I knew she was squatted on the floor with 2 fingers in her slit and her whole hand rubbing her clit - What a sight!! - Within 2 mins or so she was having a very vocal orgasm before offering her sodden fingers for anyone to suck!! - Another lady Pauline quickly gobbled them up!

Jane adjusted her clothes and said that was her sorted, who is going to be next? Nerves still had the better of me but Pauline was obviously just getting going! She soon had her clothes off revealing a satin basque and stockings with no knickers. I thought my pretty white G-String was raunchy but these girls hadn't even bothered with them! - That was raunchy!!

Pauline walked over to one of the guys, turned around facing away from him (he was sat on the floor) bent over and told him to eat her pussy which he did! - She then beckoned over my husband who glanced at me to which I gave him a nod of approval. She undid his trousers and started to give him a blow job while the other guy was hungrily eating her pussy. This scene seemed to be the starting pistol for all of the real fun to begin. I was asked to stand up by a guy called steve. He passionately kissed me whilst groping my bum. I then felt another pair of hands on my tits and realised someone was groping me from behind. It turned out to be steves wife!! Steve took turns kissing me and then her over my shoulder while still groping my arse and now riding my skirt up. She was still playing with my boobs but one hand was now starting to stray to my pussy. Steve had now ridden my skirt up and was massaging my bum and every now and then rubbing a finger over my very moist slit and upto my ass before going back to massaging my bum. His wife had now found my clit with one hand and was rapidly rubbing away while groping me with the other hand. I was in heaven and from nowhere found myself bucking into a massive orgasm causing me to gush over Steves hands. I managed to manouever out from between them and took a step back to regain my composure and assess what was going on around me.

Hubby was still being sucked by Pauline but she was now being fucked standing up from behind spit roast style. I looked over to the other bed where another lady was being fucked over the edge of the bed laying on her back. The guy fucking her was standing on the floor and Jane appeared to be just about to lower her pussy onto the available mouth of the girl being fucked. I watched with anticipation and was mesmerised by the look on her face as the famale tongue of the girl obviously hit the mark immediately!

My pussy was dripping wet still and seeing Jane have her pussy eated made me want to get mine licked as well! I looked around to see where I might be able to fit in but everyone seemed a little busy! It was then I realised someone was missing. I looked over into one of the bay windows to see slightly obscured by the curtains Sophie gently rubbing away at her clit. I went over to her and with no words said, she got up, held my hand and led me to one of the beds. We undressed each other with no words and then assumed a 69 position on the bed, it was like we had a mutual understanding. We spent the next 10 mins or so building upto the most amazing simultaneous orgasm. I was ontop of Sophie and whilst recovering from my orgasm started to put my fingers into her slit. Until then I had never done this before. The warmth that I felt was amazing. I was soon massively horny again and was obviously having an effect on sophie to as she started to lap at my pussy as well as gyrate against my hand. Sophie moved some of the moisture from my pussy upto my ass and started to dip her fingers into both my ass and pussy. It was an amazing feeling, my ass poking up into the air in the middle of a room of strangers with another girls fingers probing my pussy and ass while sucking on my clit! Sophie stopped probing me with her fingers and concentrated again on sucking my clit. It was then that I felt a tongue probe ass. The tongue licked around the outside before stabbing into it. It was the most amazing feeling. This soon stopped and I felt myself longing for that extra attention. No sooner had I wanted, I got! - With one long push, I had what seemed like the biggest cock ever all the way upto the hilt in my pussy. This was a big first for me, a massive cock in my pussy and someone sucking on my clit at the same time. All I could do was moan and came within seconds. Poor Sophies pussy took some abuse from me as I sucked, poked and bite her while trying to contain myself!

After my orgasm the cock gently pulled out of my pussy and came round to penetrate sophie. I sat up on her face to be confronted by my husband as he penetrated sophie. The look on his face was one of sheer excitement. He fucked Sophie until she had an orgasm which she in turn took out on my clit!

We all slumped together on the bed, beds together cuddling and looking out into the room. The spectacle which was unfolding infront of us was amazing! Steve was led on the bed. His wife was riding him and Janes husband was taking her doggy style giving her a double penetration! - What an amazing site! On the other bed the other 2 were led on there sides also watching the show but he was gently penetrating her from behind.

Steves wife had several massive orgasms whilst in this position, making me wish i was her, however I didn't think I would be able to handle that and so needed a little more time!, maybe next time I thought!

Steve said that he was about to come, to which Sophie said no wait, remember me and my husbands fantasy! You may have noticed that no of the boys had cum yet!!

Sophie quickly jumped up, turned herself around and presented her pussy to Steve. Steve in turn came over and put his cock in her pussy. It only took Steve a few strokes before he said that he was cumming. This was happening right in front of me and my hubby who had by now reinserted his cock in my pussy in preperation for waht he knew was coming in a moment! - I guess I was Sophies "fluffer"!?

Once Steve had emptied his balls into Sophie, hubby went round next and again after just a few strokes was pumping his sperm into her, next was Janes husband. Sophies husband was last and was literally cumming before he even put his cock into her fanny! With 4 loads of cum in her pussy you can imagine that it was at bursting point. Sophie had pulled her legs up into the air in an attempt to keep some of the cum in but it was no use, it was already running down her ass, as well as being over her legs and clit area. It did look amazing, but bot as amazing as Jane when she started to lick it up!

During the evening I think everyone fucked everyone in our room at least with lots of great porno style things ging on, some of the people from the other room also came down. Me and hubby went to our room at about 5am leaving them to it! We had a great passionate session before falling asleep.

We had payed for our room on check in so, leaving our keys in our room made a retreat for the car. We didn't fancy the blushes in the morning!

The whole setup was amazing, there were NO single males which is what we were worried about. After reading stories about other "clubs" we were so happy with the result. We are not sure who the organiser is as no-one made themselves known to us, I guess it was one of the people/couples that were there. Whoever you are thanks. We thought that in the beginning all of the questions were a bit of a prank. It turns out that all things asked of us were just to validate that we were a couple. It was worth it. We are already on the waiting list for the next event! Maybe we might see you there! If you are interested, drop us an e-mail or check there ad on here