Written by teekgee

5 Oct 2014

My wife and I attended a BBQ at a friends house about 12 couples were there, it was just a social get together and as we have never been 'joined at the hip' I socialised with the male friends I knew she spoke to other guests, one guy started talking to her and the chat lasted more than I can remember, he was new and he had moved in locally.

His partner went home, and left him chatting to others as well as my wife.

Other guests left we lived local to the BBQ and took it in turns to let the pet dog out, about 12.30 am booze flowed, and more wine was drunk, I came back to find one of these overhead outside heaters on and my wife sitting with her new friend 'jay' round a circular cast iron type table she had a blanket over her legs and jay was sitting to her left other guests were at the table and I noticed something quite odd? My wife of over 20 years-years was mentioning how she had felt cold and the host of the BBQ had put the heater on and got her a blanket, this was not the scene I had just witnessed as I was sure jay had been rubbing my wife's thigh under the blanket, until I had disturbed them.

He made conversation with me but I'm sure he has hell knew I had witnessed his hand underneath the blanket...what had I seen ...or was it my imagination?

Sure we had a dirty pillow chat about 'sex with someone else' the fact I had a very brief flirt with a woman at work more than 16 years ago was always bought up in an argument but we were 'happily married Mrs t did not approve of 'affairs'!

About 1.30 I had a last drink and decided to do the 'let's go' Mrs t still had a full red wine, and usually we left together....'ready' I asked? Just finish then I will ....Jay our good hearted neighbour said ' I will walk Mrs t home as its past our house anyway... How kind? I arrived home and waited after about 10 Min's I could see Mrs t and jay leave... Our house looked down the cup de sac to the BBQ house.

Sure they went past Jays house towards ours what should have been a minimum 1 to 2 Min's before the front door opened did not happen.

Curiosity got me I opened the front door quietly at the side of the house 2 people were engaged in full on snogging and the female was having her right 32ff boob squeezed and caressed...I could have done nothing and enjoyed the show ...but I just asked 'what the Hell is going on'!they parted and both jays hands were in view, and I believe the one hand may have been enjoying more than her boob! Mrs t went into the house and J apologised...I gave ',I will sort this out later'! And went into the house to confront Mrs T 'look she said I think its better I go to bed I'm a bit 'pissed'!

She went to bed her dress thrown off somewhere on the landing her bra followed, she normally keeps her pants on I followed the heap of clothes and as she was in bed stripped off and followed her into our bed...I love you she said and kissed me! ,'funny way of showing it' I said ..she kissed me more ...frenzy took over and I took over the squeezing and caressing of the 32ffs! She got her hands on my hard erection and told me to ' fuck her' words she never ever uses! I felt down her navel to her trimmed pubes and she was ''soaking'' knickers off..kept on one leg... and sex that was unbelievable as with every thrust I asked more questions has he touched you? Yes she replied 'he did' he's put his hand up my skirt when I had the blanket over me he mentioned how cold I looked and he said he could see my goose pimples...then he rubbed my thigh and he went around and he rubbed me through my knickers! ' and you enjoyed it' ? No answer was forthcoming... And what happened when he walked you back... did he kiss you? Did you let him feel your tits? It was all to much ..we both came and then fell asleep ....until breakfast... I went over it again..it made no sense! ...Mrs t ...please let's put it behind us....but could I? Or did she have to do one more thing?