Written by tee

7 Oct 2014

Within a week or so our little life remained normal, I was up town with some mates at a big gig, she had a girly night in.

At the gig unbeknown to me was Jay,all my matesvwent separate ways and at the taxi rank our paths crossed.

He was in front of me alone by about 4-5 people a taxi pulled up and as he had spotted me shouted 'do you wanna share'?

I jumped in from the cold taxi rank into the black cab.

'Not the only thing we've shared is it'? I said.

He replied ' mate I'm so sorry I have thought about popping around and apologising'

As the journey progressed the more the story unfolded, he was drunk, no harm was meant, it was drink..etc etc

Me... by the end of the journey we were OK with each other.

We had enjoyed the gig, he loved his missus, and no harm was done? So the taxi stopped at the top of the street we payed and walked the 100yds to the housing estate, we had to past our house first, 'one for the road'? I asked

Yeah fine he replied

I opened the front door then the lounge door...the cold behind us the warm of the central heating greeted us and my wife watching telly with a glass of red in one hand wearing a short white kimono.

Hello..Jay said as he followed me in.

Hi ...Mrs t replied... Drink?

Mine had already been poured a scotch waited on the fireplace.

'Scotch'? She enquired?

Yeah 'neat please'

Mrs T went to the kitchen and left her place in the middle of the 3 seat sofa...which faced the television, the other settee faced the fire.

I plonked myself in my normal spot on the end of the 3 seater by the fire by my drink, Mrs T returned with his malt, he was standing took the drink, and Mrs t returned to her position in the centre of the 3 seated next to me, 'Sit down we don't charge' said Mrs t.

I broke the ice even further...mate you sat next to her before..Why I said ...She doesn't bite! God only knows!

But I did.

The look on his face said a lot...now I know drink had flowed before, but chemistry certainly has a lot to play in it!

Mrs T sat down ..but before she was on the setteer alone with knees tucked underneath ....now she sat normally but her legs were now over the settee cushion her Kimono showing more high thigh, and the belt tightly wrapped ....making those 32ffs look even more larger!

As we watched TV I got the urge to stroke her thigh,

"Behave".Mrs t muttered.

'What' said Jay who was oblivious to me feeling my wife's knee to thigh.

My husband is feeling frisky she replied.

" oh don't mind me" said Jay.

Whatever posses the conversation to become ' electrically charged I do not know, But it did banter like so you must have the magical touch Jay.

'That was different'? Mrs t replied I was cold and tipsy...so know your warm and tipsy? Again I fenced and again was returning to my wife's thigh.

'Your rough'she replied

Show us how to do it Jay I teased.

You have to be more gentle said Jay...

Mrs t broke the conversation....anyone for another?

Whisky or partner...I asked?

Whisky said Jay...Mrs t shook her head.

The whisky returned/Mrs T sat down.

Polite conversation followed...my wife at ease and me gently massaging her knee to thigh and when Jays eyes were on the TV I daringly let my fingers try to get to Knicks.

Behave! Our guest looked quizzical ....he is being a pain, my wife announced!

What's he doing? Jay asked?

Things! Said Mrs T

Things? Said Jay

I muttered that her underwear seemed to have a whole in it.

Embarrassed or Randy I don't know ...but Mrs t said her pants did not have as hole in them.

Jay was laughing, I was laughing, and So was the wife!

Jay ...can check them I officiated.

Silence broke out and J got the nod from me to ' find the hole? He laughed and his hand went from knee to thigh to underneath Kimono....

My wife left the settee and said 'I need a drink!

I followed into the kitchen to get more scotch.

I looked at Mrs t ... She laughed and said you do know what he has just done!

Yes he tried to find your 'hole,' I laughed.

He found it .....she whispered....he has just put his finger in me!

We returned to the sofa and it was obvious...CBOJQ now we were all on the point of no return, so you did find the hole Jay?

I think so....

I returned my hand on one thigh Jay had the other... both our hands rubbing her thighs... her pants were torn open where the little opening had been on the seam...the drinks were put to one side the Kimono belt undone bra removed.

Naked on the settee we enjoyed each part of her... and her of us.

Yes she enjoyed both of us....she bj'd me... and him ...she had sex with us...while the other was either being orally pleasured.

One amazing night ...a total one off?