Written by Alan D

23 May 2005

I first met Carry a few years ago when she was a student at the local University. We talked a bit, interesting, but nothing serious.

But six months ago we both ended up in London, and one night met for a drink. We both enjoyed it, and agreed to have an Indian the following week.

Afterwards, she suggested we adjourn to a local bar, where we drank a bottle of champagne for the hell of it, and she told me about some of her adventures.

About the guy she picked up on the Tube home.

And the pilot who missed his flight because he was shagging her brains out.

And the one who screwed her in the Ladies at a party,

All this was horny making. When we’d finished the champers, she said “What now?”

“Either we go dancing, or back to mine and bed”


We picked up a taxi, called by her place to pick up a bag and then on to mine.

As soon as we were inside, I ran my fingers through her short blonde hair and my tongue over her lips. Her tongue was instantly in my mouth. And I put my hand over her round bum, pulling her closer.

After another quick drink. We went to the bedroom where I stripped her off, she put a condom on me and I fucked her. After a bathroom trip she put on a short black satin nightie and came back to bed.

We dropped off to sleep, but in the small hours I stirred, felt a hard on, and put my hand in between her legs. She moved towards me, but this time it was short and sharp.

I pushed her onto her back, ripping down the nightie and pulling out her right breast (she’s a 36C so there’s plenty to hang on to). The nipple hardened under my hand as hers went down to my hard on.

I forced her legs further apart, and licked, kissed and bit her nipple. She squealed and wriggled as I forced my way inside her. This time there was no rubber, just hardness into wetness.

After pumping her for a couple of minutes, I pulled out and, after pulling her head back and kissing her until neither of us could breathe, turned her over and took her from behind, holding both her beautiful breasts as we came together.

When the sun came up, we did it again, slowly but with an explosive outcome.

I made her breakfast, and she went off to work. As she tongued me at the door she said “not bad, considering you’re 32 years older than me.”

Next day she was back for more of the same.