Written by Roger

5 Jul 2006

As a retired clergyman i read with some amusement

and self recognition the story of the young vicar

who enjoyed viewing the knickers of his lady


But it is not just tea and furtive peeking for all

indeed the good book makes no mention of the union

of man and woman being wrong and although adultry

is considered a sin i take a far more modern view

based on the circumstances.At 66 i am certainly no

fuddy duddy, as i am sure Mrs D a 44 year old lady

member of my flock would attest.

The lord in his wisdom has blessed Mrs D with the

most generously proportioned bosoms,and lustourous

dark hair,and it was with great expectant pleasure

that i visited her home on church business one

morning in the village,as we chatted and drank

tea Mrs D began to confide in me with regards to

her marital problems,it seems her husband had rather

selfishly been neglecting his wifes needs as a

woman,i am sure Mrs D was a little shocked though

pleasantly so when i reached out and took one of

her large breasts in the palm of my hand and gently

squeezed it 'How could he neglect such a fine woman?'

i offered.

Poor Mrs D had much to learn about physical love

indeed it seems to be the case that her husband

had a somewhat modest endowment,my own penis is

i must confess rather large and i had to initiate

Mrs D's small tight vagina to it's size with

great care and gentleness,however the lady soon

became an enthusiastic recipient.

On several afternoons i assisted Mrs D to find

satisfaction and for my part i enjoyed tremendously

putting my proud shaft between her watermelon

sized breasts and covering them with copious

amounts of my seed.

On these occaisions i had also given Mrs D oral

pleasure and introduced the lady to taking a

penis in her mouth and also in her plump bottom

Mrs D gallantly took the discomfort of my big

penis in her small pink untried hole on many

occaisions and the exquisite tightness was a

pure delight,indeed i usually unloaded copious

amounts of semen deep inside her bowels on these


I have other anecdotes,which time permitting i

may well relate.