Written by john

24 Jun 2004

it all began wheni went for a interview in my local hospital being a male nurse i often get mistaking for being gay i have tried it but that is another story.

anyway i got to the interview and the matron was a 50 ish good looking woman who had a really fit body during the interview i could not help notice that she kept uncrossing her legs which gave me a loverly view of her stocking tops.

after i got the job she called me into her office and told me that there was a course she wanted me to go on with her it ment staying over night at this hotel. i was getting a hardon just thinking about it

aftre the boring couse we retired to our rooms and shared a couple of drinks she told me about this loverly 19yrold waitress that she fancied this deflated me and i returned to my room for a good wank.

later on i got a phone call from her asking me to come to her room because she had a problem when i got into the room i was shocked what i saw. she was dressed stockings and black basque being fucked up the ass by this gorgous 19yr old blonde who had on a strap- on dildo i was told to strip which i did in a hurry the matron then ordered me to let the blonde suck my cock which she did licking the shaft and balls untill i came down her throat

then tne matron licked out the blonde and instructed me to fuck her ass while she did so this continued untill i shot up ass. we continued all night me fucking the blonde while matron fucked my ass in the morning we were shaged out but the training was worth it.