Written by ee

3 Aug 2004

After leaving the navy I've been working at a small accountancy practice for about two years, the major drawback with this is that without the travelling or opportunities to meet different people regularly, it can get a bit repetitive. This changed around six months ago when we advertised for a cleaner to come in every Wednesday morning to help keep the place tidy. The successful applicant was called Carolyn...on the Wednesday she strolled in, as bold as brass, introducing herself to us all.

She was a real character, confident, intelligent, and best of all, wickedly curvaceous. Blonde and in her early forties, she had a wicked streak running through her...immediately I took a shine to her...as a man in my mid-twenties I lust after a more experienced woman, and she was almost too good to be true. We used to joke quite a bit about things, but mostly sex. After around three weeks she joked about a time when she photocopied her tits in another office she worked at, I took this as my chance to up the ante and asked if she wanted to show me.

Carolyn looked surprised as I asked it...she'd been divorced but now was in another relationship. I backed off, but after a couple more weeks I was helping workmen move some furniture in the office, she made a comment about my arse...later on that morning as she breezed past my desk her hand brushed along my thighs, I'd had enough. I waited until she was in the photocopier room, followed her in, and our eyes met. I knew that it was time to lock the door behind me.

She was wearing tight jeans which showed off her beautiful peachy arse to its full extent...the feel of the denim as I grabbed at it while kissing her was the horniest feeling I'd ever had. Her confident, brassy manner seemed to evaporate as I deeply kissed her. She spun around and bent over the photocopier...I immediately dropped to my knees and worshipped her arse...I tugged off her denim and to my delight she wasn't wearing underwear. She begged me to feast on her sex which was visibly glistening...I gently nuzzled at her already engorged clit, while savouring her scent...then began to work one finger, then two in and out of her contracting furrow...in, out, around, in, out...she was already breathing heavily and trying not to make noise that would get us noticed, but I didn't care by now, and was really going to town...as well as caressing her lascivious pink hole, I was carefully but firmly massaging her tight bumhole with my thumb...she finally gave out a moan that told me she was coming, and pushed against my busy digits, so immediately I persevered, harder, faster, firmer...she bucked against the machine and was out of control by now.

I then dropped my trousers and she immediately began to suck my extremely hard cock, the way her eyes wantonly looked up at mine as my knob disappeared into her mouth was making my sap rise like nothing else...at the same time she was cradling my balls and massaging the small of my back, then down to my arsehole, then back to my balls again. It was getting too much for me, so I picked her up onto the table and rested her legs on my shoulders, I gave her one last look at my shiny, heaving cock, and plunged it deep into her warm cunt with a gasp, she began to moan and I could feel her cunt puckering and contracting around my cock which was so engorged it almost hurt...we kissed while I continued to fuck her, slowly and deliberately at first, rising to a steady rhythm, until she came again, again her cunt contracted around mine as I struggled to press it in, as it did this I finally felt my balls boil, her milky breasts were jigging back and forth with every thrust of my cock, so I grabbed them as her cunt released me and started to fuck her tits, she craned to try and reach it but could only lick the tip of my pisshole as I thrusted towards her...bellowing like a bull I shot a thick jet of sticky cum across her face, and as I continued to slide my thick member between her jugs I splashed my cum over her neck and chest, collapsing on top of her, spent...mopping it up with my fingers crudely I told her to clean it all up...she lapped at the spunk furiously and once more took my enlarged member into her mouth, licking it clean.

I got dressed and left without saying a word...it was sexier that way. Carolyn and I got into a few adventures after that, if anyone's interested in hearing about them I'll do my best to recount them here.