Written by mikey

14 Jan 2007

I worked with Debbie for about 6 years, she was 48 - 4 years older than me, about 5ft tall, slim with great tits. She was always flashing her cleavage, which drove me crazy cos I really fancied her. We got along great, laughing , teasing and flirting with each other - but I thought she was happily married and would never consider a shag with me - until one day. Her husband went to America on business sometimes and I new she hated being on her own. One Friday evening, when he was away, her car broke down at work and I gave her a lift home about 5.30pm. She invited me in for a coffee, which turned into a bottle of red wine. We laughed and joked and ended up kissing and groping each other. We were soon stripped off and turns out she wore stockings & suspenders and shaved her pussy - well I was soon on my knees between her legs licking her cunt and pushing my tongue inside her. She was moaning and groaning which made my cock even harder and she soon climaxed to a shuddering orgasm. We both wanted to fuck and Debbie let me upstairs by my cock and into a small bedroom with a bed covered in a black latex sheets and latex pillows. She opened the wardrobe to reveal all sorts of latex, pvc and leather clothing together with whips, handcuffs etc. Turns out they were into s & m, swinging, videos and more. We sat on the bed and she showed me a dvd of her and husband Dave sucking and fucking, as she wanked me. The room was wired for video and sound and Debbie asked if I was OK to perform with her - at that moment I would have done anything to fuck her! She dressed in red latex stockings & suspenders, then turned the video on. I started out by putting her over my knees and spanking her, then she knelt in front of me and sucked my cock till my balls ached. Then she lay on the bed, put her legs over my shoulders and I entered her soaking wet cunt. She was surprisingly tight for her age and I fucked her bareback in several positions before dumping my cum inside her. We collapsed in a sweat on the rubber sheets and fell asleep. Later I awoke to Debbie sucking my cock hard again - this time she handcuffed me to the bed, sat on my face and made me lick my cum out of her cunt - then she slid down my cock and rode me like a stallion. She climaxed herself several times till I begged her to make me cum - but she teased me to the point of no return, then pulled off me as the spunk shot out of my cock. She made me beg and plead to be wanked off to satisfaction. Debbie was a sex mad horny bitch and this was the start of a very special relationship - life at the office would never be the same again.