Written by St Basil

18 Dec 2006

We'd met Jeff the day before in a local pub near Sanbach. Ann, my 47 year oldwife, and Jeff seemed to hit it off stright away and it wasn't to long before I saw his hand slide up the hem of Ann's short skirt.I thought cheeky sod but what the heck as we had been doing threesomes for over a year and this was nothing special

In the car park Jeff kissed Ann deeply while taking the opportunity to caress her bra less breasts through her semi see through blouse.

We left agreeing to meet up the following night. I could tell Ann was aroused and looking forward to being shagged by Jeff as for a while on the way home she was breathing heavily and her nipples could clearly be seen erect and poking through.

The night of the meet Ann small and a curvy size 1, dressed in a very short PVC skirt with buttons and cut away panels down the side and a black pvc top with a zip frontage that was seductively left unzipped so that you could see the full form of her 36dd breasts. She had put on a pair of sheer hold up stockings and high heels with her sluttish ankle chain completeing the outfit. Tucked in to the top of her stocking she had put a packet of condoms to confirm her transformation from domesticated housewife to complete slut.

The meeting place was to be Jeffs small engineering company in Sandbach. We were led into his office to find his desk and chair moved conveniently to the wall and a sofa placed in the middle of the room.

Ann was to pretend be interviewed for a job and as I got out the videocam Ann was asked by Jeff what her dick tation was like. She said she would show him and dropped straight to her knees unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was a good two inches longer than mine. For a good ten minutes an sucked and slurped on his cock. Several times he grabbed her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth in almost a brutal fashion, fucking her till she appeared to gag. But she seemed lost in worshipping this mans cock. I saw his buttocks clench and he said he was coming.

Ann like a true slut accepted his spunk with seeming delight taking several spirts on her face and hair before recieving a mouthfull of his love juice. When he withdrew his cock she smiled at me and opened her mouth to show me all the spunk still lying on her tougue and the spunk strings also on her teeth. Then looking into the eyes of Jeff she swallowed a couple of times. By this time I had a such a hard on I was in the process of unzipping my pants when Ann said that I had to wait till she had fucked Jeff properly.

Jeff told her she was a slut and whore and that she was made for fucking...Ann agreed that she liked to behave like a slut and would do any thing for Jeff. he queried "ANYTHING" Ann said "yes anything". By this stage I was turned on but a little concerned as to where this was to lead.

Jeff disappeared for 5 minutes and told Ann he had arranged for a couple of his mates to come and join us. Now Ann had never been gang banged before and I was aroused at the though and interested how Ann would react.

Ann said that she only wanted Jeff and was not interested in getting screwed by other strangers.. Jeff said to her you are my slut and you will do what I want. He grabbed her by her waist and drew her to him and put his tongue straight down her throat in an embrase that lasted several minutes. While doing that he had put several fingers up her uncovered fanny and finger fucked her until she had a massive orgasm her juices flooding over Jeffs hand.

While this was going on I had realised I had stopped filming and was about to start again when there was a knock in the door. Jeff told me to answer it as he was busy. I opened the door and two rough looking coloured guys brushed passed asking me where the slag was. I led them to Jeffs office only to be greeted with my wife leaning over the couch with Jeff slamming his cock roughly into my wife from behind, who was letting out little groans everytime he thrust in her.

The two coloured guys took one look at Ann her hair and face still showing signs of Jeffs spunking, and stripped completely within a minute. One guy Melvin displaying a 9inch cock which was growing impressively as he watched Ann in the throws of another orgasm. Dave the other guy was smaller than his mate but although he was smaller in length than Melvin he made up in girth.

Ann looked up at these two new guys and she said "Oh my god,oh fuck!" especially when she saw Melvins now 11 inch weapon. Ann is only 4' 11" so the prospect of taking such a cock had brought her down to earth. Before she could finish Jeff who had continued to thrust into her told her he was about to come in her fanny and I realised that he was not wearing a condom which shocked me. He continued and spunked up her called her a slut and slag.

He withdrew and before Ann could do anything David gabbed her head and offered his cock to Ann... I expected her now to say no but she immediately started to lick his dome and run her tongue down the shaft. Because of his girth she could only get about 3 inches into her mouth. Coming back to earth I had now started filming determined to record this.

Melvin asked Ann was she a slut and had she been fucked by a black guy... she said she hadnt but had always wanted to in her fantasies. He said that he would break her in and show her what she had been missing. He positioned himself behing her and slowly eased into Ann who was letting our one continuous grown. After a couple of minuted she said that he was hurting her. He replied she was a good slut and that there was only a couple of more inches to take. With a final push he when fully in and for a moment I thought Ann had blacked out . As melvin slowly thrust in and out Ann was almost paralysed with a glazed look in her eyes. She appeared to be having one long orgasm. Melvin speeded up his thrusting and after a few minutes Ann received another injection of spunk. I had been filming all of this and finally saw Dave come all over Anns face. The guys made Ann eat his spunk which she gathered up with her fingers.

I looked over to Jeff who winked at me and said that I should be proud to have a slut of a wife, which I agreed. Melvin and Dave said they had to go but gave us there mobile just in case we wanted to do it again and said they had a couple of other friends who might be up for a proper gang bang.

Before we left Jeff gave Ann a kiss and a cuddle and said he hoped we could do it again. In the car home Ann said she had enjoyed the night but was sore down below as Melvin had fucked her deeply. She actually limped for a couple of days afterwards but once Ok asked me did I still have Melvins and Daves mobile...mmmmmmm cant wait for the call to be made!