Written by Gazza

16 Jan 2007

This true story happened to me 10 years ago. Earlier in the year my boss, the Finance Director, decided we needed a Management Accountant to assist me with the monthly accounts since the company had doubled in size over the previous 5 years. My boss started the recruitment and interviewed 5 candidates, 3 women and 2 men. He then conducted a second interview with 2 of the women with me present. Elaine, the 1st women, was 25 years old with log strawberry blonde hair pert tits and great legs. She wore a smart black business suit with a short skirt, black blouse, black nylons and 3 inch heeled shoes. She was around 5'3" tall and very attractive. To cut a long story short Elaine got the job.

Elaine and I shared an office which overlooked the river. As time passed by we built up a very good working relationship. I was 32 at the time and married. However I could sence the electricity between us and we would often flirt with each other.

The day of the office Christmas party arrived and Elaine had booked to stay overnight in the hotel where the party was to be held. I lived in the town but I needed a lift back to the hotel after dropping my car off at home and getting changed. Elaine offered to follow me and give me a lift back. When I got home my wife had gone Christmas shopping to Meadowhall so I invited Elaine in whilst I went to get changed. I had a quick shave, then jumped in the shower. As I was getting dry the phone rang and Elaine brought it upstairs so I could answer it. By now I had a towel wrapped around my waist but I could see Elaine looking at the contour of my cock through the towel. I have a thick 8" cock when it's hard and Elaine could see it starting to twitch. I answered the phone, Elaine went back downstairs and I got dressed.

On the way back to the hotel Elaine quite openly said "that looked impressive between your legs" to which I replied "you should see it when it's angry". This just brought a cheeky grin to her face and nothing more was said. At the hotel Elaine went to get showered and changed and I went for a beer in the bar. Elaine came down and entered the bar and looked absolutlely stunning, with her hair tied up, a seethrough black blouse, black half cup bra, short black mini skirt, black hold ups and 4" high heels. She looked so fuckable, but would it happen?

The party started with a 3 course meal follow by a disco. During the meal I sat next to Elaine who got vary tactile, often brushing her hand on my leg and up my thigh. Afterwards we had a few dances together then came the smouches. She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. As our bodies touched I could feel my cock beginning to grow. Elaine looked me straight in the eye and smiled. When the track finished she just grabbed my hand and led me out of the room. "Do you want to fuck me tonight, I need that big cock of yours in my pussy" Elaine asked. "You bet" I replied, "lead the way". She led me up the stairs to room 207, opened the door and walked in. "You are going to have the fuck of your life tonight" she said in a sexy voice.

She unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed her hands all over my hairy chest she then unzipped my strides and put her hand straight on my rock hard cock. She dropped to her knees pulled my strides down and released my throbbing cock from my pants. She looked straight up at me and said "I've never had a cock as big or as thick as yours before, please fuck me all night with it". She then stood up ordered me to get on the bed and slowly removed her clothes. "Leave your hold ups and your G string on for me" I requested. She then lept on the bed, straddled me and said "I want our cock now". she tooked hold of my erect cock rubbed the head up and down her soaking pussy lips and impailed herself on it. She started to buck up and down, her eyes rolling around with pleasure. "Fuck you big cock up my cunt, fuck me I want your spunk inside me" she screamed. Her pusy was so tight but she had my cock right to the hilt,the whole 8". I fucked her like this for about 10 minutes giving her at least 3 orgasm's. "Turn over I'm going to fuck you from behind" I demanded. "I don't want to let your cock of of my pussy, it feels so good" Elaine replied. "Turn over and I'll bury my cock right up to the hilt and fill you with spunk", she could get onto all fours quick enough. I rammed my length into her tight pussy, "fuck me harder, please fuck me harder!" she squealed. I was now going like a steam train, thankfully the booze was prolonging my staying power! "I want you to fuck my arse with your fat cock" Elaine murmurred, "put your cock in my arse please". Not one to miss an opportunity like that I smeared her ring with her pussy juices and slowly eased my cock into her very tight arse. She screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as I slowly eased my length into her. I could feel her pushing herself back onto to me until she had got all of my cock inside her. "Please fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me with your gorgeous fat cock" she pleaded. I started to pound her with increasing force making her squeal with pleasure. "Oh god,I'm coming again" Elaine shouted, "so am I" and shot the biggest load of spunk up her arse. Elaine just shook with intense pleasure as I slowly pulled my cock from her arse, my spunk dribbling from her fucked arsehole as she collapsed face down on the bed. "That was the best fuck I've ever had" She said breathlessly, "me too" as I went to the bathroom to have a shower before going home to my wife.

After that night Elaine and I had a very horny 6 month affair with us fucking at the first opportunity we could. Office, car, hotels, you name it we did it there.

Who ever said Accountants are boring?????