Written by Bushman

21 Oct 2008

I suppose this could be the start of a sexual autobiography, for some reason I have been hit with the urge to wrtie some of this stuff down for public consumption as it is not something you can really pass on to the kids !!!

A bit about me (I\\\'ll keep it short) I\\\'m just your average bloke, not classically handsome but not bad, not blessed with an enormous cock, blessed with a brain made for understanding the erotic and getting the best out of situation. Basically I can charm for England.

I thought I\\\'d start by letting you in on a scene I was involved with some years ago with an old g/f. She D for the purpoese of this was a petite brunette with the best nipples I\\\'ve ever seen and also the loudest screamer I have ever met. She was also rampantly bi, vouyeristic and sub so not all bad.

It became obvious early on in our relationship that she really got off watching people fucking and this led us into a situation where she became the cuckold in the relationship. It started with her seducing a friend of mine who was a dancer whilst I was away working. She told me about their nights of sweat ridden passion and told me that they had discussed involving me on my return. Did I also mention she was thoughtful !

When L the dancer visited next we went out for drinks and dinner and it became obvious that no one would be sleeping alone on this night.

On our return we sat in garden having another drink and when returning from the kitchen I found D sat on L\\\'s lap kisssing her and stroking her hair. I decide to sit back and let the scene unfold. Soon they were both topless and their nipples pressed into each other. D stood up and fed her nipple in to L\\\'s mouth which she licked and sucked with pure passion. D\\\'s head was thrown back and the groaning started. L slowly slid her hand up D\\\'s thigh and was gently stroking her pussy through the front of her thong. This really turned up D\\\'s volume control so before the neighbours thought an air raid was about to beginning we adjourned to the bedroom.

It was there that the scenen changed completely. L held her hand out to me and pulled me towards her, she placed my hands on her breasts and then said over my shoulder to D \\\"Now sit down slut and watch while he makes love to me\\\"

I was a little taken aback and looked at D who just smiled and sat in the chair at the bottom of our bed. L knelt at my feet and released my now throbbing cock from my trousers and slid her head straight over the end. I looked at D and saw her skirt was on the floor and her hand inside her thong frantically rubbing her pussy. She was staring intently at L watching her lips slide up and down my cock.

The situation hit me and my self control all in one go and before I could her warn her I shot straight into L\\\'s mouth which resulted in D\\\'s 1st orgasm of the night.

L looked at D and said \\\"well you will just have to wait to lick his cum out of me won\\\'t you in the meantime lick cunt\\\" D said \\\" yes darling\\\" and crawled across the room and proceeded to lick L to her 1st orgasm.

It now dawned on me (not very bright to start with, but I soon got the hang of it !!) that L, my friend was now D\\\'s Domme mistress. I knelt behind D whilst she was licking L and gently stroked her pussy bringing her to the 2nd orgasm of the night. By the end of L\\\'s noisy cum I was now ready to go again.

I positioned myself behind D and was just about to slide in when L said \\\"oh no, she doesn\\\'t get that until I say so and that depends on her behaviour, she knows what she has to do before she is allowed near you\\\"

L then beckoned me to the bed, opened her legs and parted her lips with her long fingers \\\"please fuck me now\\\". Now I have always been a Gentleman and a Gentleman never refuses a lady so without hesitation I slid into L who was hot and wet. My self control was much better this time and we fucked relentlessly, she just wanted the missionary position so as we could see each others faces and her cum face was just as bad as mine !!

As the inveitable end approcahed L said \\\" cum on me, on my tits\\\". I pulled out and with a loud groan shot all over her tits making one nipple completely invisible. L smiled and looked at D who in all honesty I had completely forgotten about. L said \\\"now you know what you have to do\\\" D smiled broadly and knelt on the bed, lowering her head she licked the spunk from L\\\'s tits and then kissed it into L\\\'s mouth. The effect this had on me was one that hadn\\\'t happened before and rarely since. My cock stayed hard.

L said \\\"she can have it now for being a good girl\\\". I got back in the original positon and slid my cock into D from behind. It was at this point that L said \\\"you can only have him when I say so do you understand\\\"

D smiled and said \\\"yes\\\" and then shouted the bloody house down as she came again.

This initial adventure led D to become a female cuckold. She foten wanted to see me fuck L and other females and whilst it was hard to persuade most females to participate there were a few who got off on being watched and pleasured by another women.

D\\\'s biggest turn on was to hold my cock and offer it up to a new pussy whilst rubbing herslef frantically to an orgasm.

Oh happy days.