Written by judy

8 May 2004

im a 41 year old widow of 3 years.i moved house last year and decided to have my kitchen refitted a few weeks ago.i have a lovely house with a swimming pool and a sauna.the monday arrived and my 2 carpenters arrived,1 about 25 and the other 35.i was still in my dressing gown about to have my daily swim and sauna.the younger guy was a bit of a hunk and i could feel a tingle in my clit,my nipples felt erect.i invited them both to join me in the pool the older guy jack declined but mike accepted.i went off and put on my bikini,thong bottoms and a skimpy top,i have 38dd tits.i pranced around the pool for alittle while showing off my body, i heard the 2 guys saying bloody hell shes a stunner i think we could have a good time here.this made myy clit tingle more.i got into the pool and swam a few lengths.mike stripped down to his boxers,i could see his cock just peeping out of the leg.he halready had a hard on.he got in a began to swim.jack had gone by this time i assume to start work.mike was swimming with me and chatting,id already found out he was single.he was looking at my tits all the time we were swimming,me was on my back.

i thought if i get out and jump in my top will move exposing my tits.so jump in i did.with tits exposed mikes eyes nearly fell out.i said you can have a closer look if you want,he didnt need asking again the next thing i knew he was latched on sucking and rubbing my nipples.god i was horny.it felt great.i pulled him closer and could feel his hard cock against my leg,i was so turned on.i told him to sit on the edge of the pool,he did.i pulled his cock out and stood sucking it,mmmmmmmm loved it feeling the head with my tongue.all i wanted by now was ahard fuck so i suggested we went to the sauna suite.once in there i was nacked he licked and sucked my clit.i had an enormous orgasm,first for a while.he fondled and sucked my massive tits,my nipples were like organ stops,whilst he was doing this he was wanking,a real turn on for me.jack appeared at the door,he was soon stripped and joining us.wow 2 blokes at once.jack sucked one tit and mike the other,out of this world.i requested they wank each other,they did.inst