Written by Bill

17 Sep 2003

My darling wife Michelle and i have lived next to old Arthur for 6 months now and have always found the 69 y.o. widower to be a good neighbour

Michelle quite often pops in to see if he wants anything and i've always suspected that the old goat enjoys her visits rather a lot,you see my

wife of 10 years is quite a dish.pretty with brown hair she has a very volutuous figure with big boobs and broad hips which surmount her large backside

which can normally be seen threatening to burst from her tight trousers.Yes i've caught old Arthur ogling at it on more than one occasion.Frequently Arthur

would make comments about what a 'lucky chap' i was to have Michelle.

It was on a visit to our house one evening that Arthurs little secret came out.Michelle had made a slightly saucy remark and Arthur had retorted 'if you where my wife

young lady you'd get a smacked bottom!'With that Michelle playfully presented her big bum towards him. I don't know who was more surprised when he made it wobble with two light

slaps.So this was what Arthur liked was it? I certainly saw a gleam in his eye as he eyed the delightful target.Michelle laughed it off but Arthur was not in the least embarrassed by his

action.'Do you ever spank her bum Bill?' he ventured 'No ' i laughed 'she'd beat the daylights out of me.' Michelle looked at me and then at Arthur not quite believing this conversation was happening.

'Well you should' he replied 'it never hurt a young lady to get a spanked bum or even a caned bum now and then'. I was a little shocked and taken aback by his boldness and so to of course was Michelle.

'I'll tell you what Johnly bum.trat how would you like me to demonstrate the proceedure with the lovely Michelle'.He looked at my pretty wifes puzzled features and smiled.

I had to admit this was begining to turn me on the thought of this old perv getting access to my wifes lovely bottom.Well what could i say Arthurs such a nice old boy and i do feel sorry for him surely Michelle

wouldn't mind.

Still smiling Arthur said he was just popping back to his house and he'd be back.On his return he produced a small holdall which contained a little strap and a crook handled rattan cane.Michelle gasped 'oh Arthur no'.

'Oh yes Michelle it's about time that lovely bottom got a dose of this'.

'Now Bill with your permission i am going to discipline this naughty girl' .Permission granted Arthur told Michelle to lie over his lap.The sight of her big vulnerable bum was a delight .the outline of her panties clearly visible through

the drum tight dark material of her trousers.

Arthurs eyes where agog and he had a icked leer as he viewed and fondled Michelles rump.

SPLATT! SPLATT! WHACK! his masterful hand rained fire on her nates as Michelle squealed and her bottom wobbled delightfully.

When Arthur was done he quietly asked Michelle to take off her top and trousers and stand in the corner.

His eyes drank in the heavenly sight of Michelles big tits in her white brassiere and her wonderful bottom in her white panties that like the bra where a little too small.

'Now Bill in a moment i'll demonstrate caning technique with the lovely ladies help'.

Michelle shuddered and soon enough Arthur was treated to the sight of the magnificent arse bending as Michelle touched her toes,the tiny panties offered no protection.

WHAAACK! WHAAACK! 6 times trhe rattan cane caused my lovely wifes bottom to buck and wobble.The stripes where visible 2 days later!

Michelle it must be said had read the situation well and had made an old man and her husband very happy.And both Arthur and i where well aware of the consensual role she'd played.

You see Arthur knew how she liked showing off her bum and now she had got to show it to a no nonsense older authority figure.

And she confessed to me that night after Arthur had left what a turn on it had been.

Of course Arthur still gets access to that bum if she's naughty and i tell him.