Written by Ralph

15 Sep 2006

Doreen saw what she was doing as a way of giving

comfort to a lonely old man and she never allowed

it to go any further than allowing him the breathless

excitement of a 5 minute fondle of her huge breasts,

no doubt he wanked himself off while recollecting

the events after my wife would leave his room.

It was on Charlies 76th birthday that Doreen suggested

that we might invite Charlie for a small afternoon

tea party at our home and i readilly agreed,not

least of all because i wanted to meet him and hoped

perhaps i could witness some of this breast play.

Doreen and i pondered on what to give Charlie as

a present and i gave her a wicked grin,Doreen could

read my mind and she giggled like a schoolgirl.

That afternoon Charlie arrived at our home and Doreen

ushered him in,we sat and chatted and drank a few

glasses of red wine,and i was thinking 'what a nice

old boy'.Our plan had been to give Charlie an extra

special birthday treat and Doreen announced 'We've

got a little present for you Charlie' with that

she left the room,Charlie looked at me nonplussed,

'I know you like my wifes big tits Charlie,she's

told me all about you,you old dog' i laughed.

'Phwooar what a pair,they are huge you lucky sod'

he replied.

Doreen stunned us both when she returned in just

her big yellow knickers and her huge udders on a

silver salver holding them up like a cake.