Written by Ralph

15 Sep 2006

Charlie was visibly shaking with excitement and

his face went as red as beetroot, 'Oh my goodness'

he said with his voice quaking,'There you are Charlie'

said Doreen 'Heres your cake!' I nodded eagerly

at Charlie as Doreen stood before him,he then reached

up and took one of my wifes heavy hanging breasts in

each hand as she stood with her hands at her sides,

her big brown nipples and aurolae seemed very perky

in the cool air,his hands massaged and squeezed

for ages as he groaned aloud in pleasure at the

feel of them 'Is that nice Charlie' said my wife

smiling down at him. 'Oh they are so big and soft'

he groaned,

Doreen also allowed Charlie to knead her ample

buttocks through her knickers and even pulled the

waist band wide to allow him a thrilling glimpse

of her neat and tidy looking little cunt.

'We are not finished yet Charlie' said my wife

'Because you are such a good boy my husband has

agreed i can give you a little treat in private'

I nodded at Charlie and said 'Be my guest mate'

Doreen took Charlie to the spare bedroom,and after

a few minutes i crept up the stairs to listen at

the door.