Written by Kev from Thame, Oxon

5 Jul 2006

The next evening there was a knock on the door. I answered it and stood there was Marion, the ex. She began apologising for the previous evening, saying how sorry she was for behaviour. I told her not to worry as it was an enjoyable experience and the only thing to be sorry for was not letting me unload my cum into her.

I asked her in. Both of us went to my room and sat on the bed. We started talking about the times we had had in the past. The conversation kept on getting onto our sexual encounters. She commented that she had forgotten how big my manhood was and she wanted to get me again...

I was looking at her breasts as we spoke. Her chest was heaving as the sex talk deepened. She could see that I was looking and from the growing bulge in my shorts knew I was enjoying it. She began to caress her breasts with her left hand, and was licking her other hand passionately. Pushing her fingers into her mouth. I could see her saliva glisten as she did so. She moved her hand from her mouth and began to play with her pussy. She was wearing a loose fitting short skirt and yellow panties. Her white T shirt showed her 34C tits off to perfection. Hard protruding nipples in full view. As she continued to play with her pussy I could see from the damp patch she was getting very aroused.

My cock was now at full attention in my shorts, pushing its length out the top. I took my shirt off so Marion could have a good eye full. She reached over and took hold of the situation, pushing my shorts down in the process. Revealing by erect member. Her hand not able to grasp fully, it was so thick. I kicked off my shorts and reached over to remove her top. The sight of those pert tits almost made me unload there and then! They were beautiful. Marion slid down her moist yellow panties to reveal her gorgeous looking hairy red pussy. I could now gaze at her juices as they seeped from her. She grabbed at my cock with both hands vigorously pulling and pushing at my length. My foreskin being stretched to its limit. Hurting in doing so, but the pain was exciting. She took the head into her mouth and began sucking furiously at it, probing my cock hole with her tongue. I was about to explode. She knew this and stopped, taking my cock from her mouth and letting go. It stood upright, as hard as an iron rod. It was aching; I wanted to let her have it!

We were both now completely naked. I was lying on my back as she straddled me. I watched with eagerness as she held my hot cock and lowered herself onto me, probing my bell end into her dripping pussy. My shaft slowly disappearing as she continued. I could see my black pubes inter mingle with her red pubes. The sight was fantastic! She began riding me and I watched her firm tits bounce slightly as she did so. Her nipples hard with excitement. This she kept up and I knew she was cummin as her whole body stiffened up as she let out a long lingering moan. Her pussy fluids running from her over my aching cock and balls. She climbed off me.

I turned her over so I could fuck her from behind. She grabbed hold of the bed as I parted her legs to allow my swollen thick shaft enter her. She stiffened as I began to press my end up her pussy. Once I had my glands in I slipped the rest of my 8 inches deep into her, pushing her womb as I did. I began pumping away, both of us groaning and moaning as my cock pounded at her pussy, my balls slapping at her. I had a hold of her long red hair as I grinded my weapon into her soaking wet cunt, watching my pubes in her arse crack.

I slipped my cock from her and quickly turned her over onto her back so I could see her tits and hairy pussy as I fucked her. She grabbed hold of my length with both hands and guided me in. I felt as the warmth of her pussy folded over my shaft. I pushed her legs up so I could let her experience the deepest penetration as my cock pushed inside her. She was moaning all the while. I felt as her body began to shake and stiffen as she let her cum juice explode. At this I let myself go and began to unload my seed deep on each stroke. My helmet felt as if it were going to explode as my hot thick cum escaped from my cock hole. My balls were in agony as was my cock. I left my shaft pushed deep in her cunt as each spurt of my cum left my body.

We both lay there exhausted. My cock lying to one side, red raw with agony, my balls tight. Marion was playing with her pussy, pushing her fingers deep into her spunk filled hole. She pushed them into her mouth licking and sucking them. As she did so I probed two fingers into her cunt, covering them with our juices. I pressed them into my mouth to taste us. It was great. I looked down at her fanny. Her red pubes were shining with our cum fluids.

We both got dressed and chatted for a while then she left. We have met since but never had another sexual encounter. But you never know what the future holds!