Written by Dan

16 Feb 2004

Old friends

I’ve known Sandra for more than 40 years. We first met when I moved to the town where I joined the Rugby Club. Sandra’s husband Joe was a great character completely filling the description, ‘he’d fuck a frog if it stood still long enough’. Sandra, on the other hand, while very attractive with a pretty face and nice figure, was very prim and proper. Joe and Sandra had two children the same age as ours and we used to do a lot of things together. All completely non-sexual, I have to emphasize. I suppose there was always a bit of tension as all of us knew about Joe’s affairs but we were always discreet and the subject was never raised.

As the year passed, totally by happenstance, Joe came to work in the same country where I was working. We picked up the threads again and everything was as always, Joe fucking away wherever he could while Joe, Sandra, my wife and myself had a good, bland social life.

Inevitably, we went our own ways and it was only about a couple of years ago that we were all back in the UK and we met up again. Joe and Sandra returned to the town where we played rugby together. My wife and I bought a house about 80 miles away. We visited each other a couple of times a year and enjoyed reminiscing about the many things we had done together and basically had a good, totally non-sexual, time. Last week, our old rugby club was having a reunion and I decided to go. I rang up Joe and Sandra and asked if they could put me up for the night. Sandra replied . ‘Of course but Joe will be away in Italy ‘cos he’s going to watch the England v Italy match’. My wife was away for a few days so I kidded Sandra that it looked as if we would be able to do all the things that I’d always wanted to do with her. ‘You’ll be lucky’ she replied and indeed, I really didn’t give it another thought. My wife when I told her that Sandra was putting me up for the night said, ‘Well, I know that you’ll be safe.’ How deliciously wrong she turned out to be!

I arrived at the rugby club and had a pretty good time, lots of reminiscing about things we had done in the past and quite a lot of raised eyebrows about the fact that I was spending the night with Sandra. I have to admit that I egged them on, in the knowledge that nothing was likely to happen.

I drank quite a lot but reasonably early I walked back to Joe and Sandra’s house. Sandra made me a cup of coffee and I told her that I had been besmirching her reputation with all our old friends. ‘You should be so lucky.’ She said and I drank my coffee. ‘You know Sandra’, I said, ‘We could have a totally Rabelaisian night and nobody would ever believe us’.

‘You’re fanaticizing’, she said, ‘I’m passed all that sort of thing’.

For some reason, I suddenly thought, ‘No, you’re not passed anything, I know we’re both now well into our sixties but you’re still a good looking woman and I really fancy you.’ It was probably the alcohol talking but I put my arm around her and gave her a kiss. To my surprise, she didn’t pull away and I pulled her closer to me. We sat there silently for a while and I gently felt her breast. Again, to my surprise, she nuzzled a bit closer. I slipped my hand inside her blouse and felt her nipples had hardened. Now, emboldened, I pulled her bra down and kissed her nipple. It was hard and from her sigh, I knew that she was getting excited.

My hand slid down to her crotch, she was wearing thin trousers. Immediately, she stiffened and said, ‘You really can’t go any further, I haven’t done anything like this for years with Joe and I can’t go any further.’

‘But you and Joe must have a little bit of fun.’

‘Joe and I haven’t done anything for at least 5 years. I don’t think he’s even had it with any of his whores for a long time.’

I thought about this for a few minutes and then continued to gently caress her crotch.

‘It’s no good, I’m totally dry and while I’d love to get back into it, I’m passed it.’

I said nothing and continued to caress between her legs. I managed to slide her trousers and panties – the old fashioned sort, no thongs for Sandra! – down from her hips. I could now get my finger on her fanny. She was right! It was totally dry. I slid down and, pulling her legs apart kissed her cunt.

‘You mustn’t do that’, Sandra gasped.

My reaction was total astonishment. Here was a woman whose husband was one of the great studs and apparently he’d never gone down on his wife!

I flicked my tongue round the lips of her cunt and I felt her react. She had a lovely bush and, I have to admit, it was a long time since I’d had my face in such a profusion of hair. I continued to push my tongue into her and quite rapidly, her cunt became filled with moisture. As I continued to lick, her clitoris stood out and I very gently sucked it into my mouth. Sandra came with a juddering of her whole body. I pulled back to her face and gently kissed her. I think it was probably her tasting herself with my kiss that suddenly she began to take over. She undid my shirt and, at the same time pulled all of her own clothes off. Even at 65, she was still had a pretty good body and my cock was as hard as iron. I stood up so that my cock was just in front of her face. Sandra tentatively took it in her hand and stopped.

‘Give it a lick’, I said.

‘No, I’ve never done that.’

Again I was astonished; here was a woman who had never gone down on her randy husband.

‘Go on,’ I said, ‘It’s waiting for you.’

Tentatively, Sandra gave a first lick. I think it was the way my cock hardened even more that encouraged her to take the bell end between her lips. I swayed forward and about a couple of inches disappeared inside her mouth. She jerked back but with my hand gently holding the back of her head, she relaxed and began to properly suck. It wasn’t the greatest blowjob I’ve had but the very fact it was with Sandra made it a fantastic one.

It was pretty clear that Sandra wanted everything and so, taking my cock from her mouth, I laid her on her back and entered her – standard missionary position. She was totally out of control. Her legs wound round my back and she went so hard at it, that I thought she had gone mad. I extracted myself and turned her over. She raised her bottom and I slid into her cunt and she kept pushing to get more of me in. I have to admit that after less than an hour, I was fucked! Sandra helped me into bed where I think, we had it for another two or three times. What I do remember was, some time in the night, finding her arse pushed hard against me. Even after God knows how many times, my cock was hard again and I found myself pushing it up her lovely bottom. I think we were both half asleep, but it was lovely to feel myself up what was her gorgeous virgin arse. I can’t remember much about it but both of us kissed and sighed passionately.

Eventually morning arrived and we lay there almost exhausted. Sandra snuggled down and took my poor sore cock in her mouth. I stroked her hair and enjoyed the feel of her tongue. I pulled her head up and, rolling her on her side, put my cock into her. We were both past any cumming but it was lovely just lying there inside her.

It had to end and after a cup of coffee, we had one last passionate kiss.

‘At least, we know that no body will ever believe us even if we tell them the truth.’ And that’s a fact.