Written by Bob

29 Sep 2006

My wife Sam and I are in our late forties. both fit and the children are off our hands. We have over the years been to house parties where there has been a fair amount of secret fondling and sometimes a little more.We have discussed this and always found it exciting leading to a sexy session but until recently never have we seen each other having sex with any one else.

Our best friends Ann and Steve are the same age as us and I have always fancied her but never had more than a quick grope whilst kissing her goodnight, she has great legs and good tits but I never thought I would get to see them.

One evening we went out to one of our favorite resteraunts and had a superb meal and plenty of wine, we returned to our house in a taxi for another drink and coffee, they only live a few doors away and steve said in a brave moment that he had a porno that he and Ann had watched and found had really turned them on and would we like to borrow it. To my surprise Sam said go and get it lets all have a look.

Within minutes he was back and we were watching a very good porno with goodlooking men and beautiful women really going at it. I could see with the gleam in her eye Sam was turned on as I suspect we all were she suddenly announced she would make coffee and would Steve help her.

As soon as they had gone to the kitchen Ann and I were kissing passionatly on the settee soon I had her blouse open and her beautiful breasts released from her lacy bra she had undone my trousers and my hard cock was in her hand, I pushed up her skirt to see her fantastic stocking clad legs She quickly took off her lace panties and turned over with her head on the settee she was kneeling on the floor with her ass in the air she said in a hoarse voice please take me from behind. I got behind her and she was so wet I had no problem entering her the feeling on my cock was fantastic I could not believe my luck. All this must have taken some time I looked up and to my amazement and fear Sam and Steve were stood at the door I panicked and started to pull our but Sam said dont stop we have just done that and came into the room watching us, this added to my excitement and obviously to Anns as we both started to come the most intense contractions I have had for some time Heightened by my wife and Anns husband watching to my suprise Sam came to our side and caressed Anns back and slid her hand round and caressed Anns breast. Then both of us spent we were obviuosly embarrassed at our untidy state however Sam came to our rescue with some tissues and said get off to the bathrooms.

We came back rather sheepish but no more was said and soon after they decided to leave. we as normal had a good night kiss at the door but this time it was more passionate, the girls always kissed on the cheek but tonight the kissed on the mouth and it appeared to me thy were tongueing each other, Steve and I just shook hands.

As they were going down the drive Sam who was srood behind me placed my hand up her skirt and my fingers slid into the wettest hole I have ever felt she said it is full of cum and now I want yours in there as well, we then had the best fuck ever!!!!!