Written by Mephiston

1 Nov 2006

This happened a few years ago just after my divorce. I was given the name and telephone number of a woman living close to me by the landlady of my local pub. I rang her and was invited round for coffee. the first visit was just that - coffee but she said I could call round any time. The following night after I'd been to the pub I called her and she said to come over. She was in her nightie and dressing gown and made me coffee. We sat watching TV and she snuggled up closer to me and I felt her hand moving along my thigh. Given this encouragement I slipped my hand inside her dressing gown and felt the weight of her wonderful tits which were much larger and firmer than I'd first thought with her nipples getting hard and nuzzling the palm of my hand.

Her hand had continued along my thigh and was rubbing my stiffening cock through my jeans. I unfastened my belt and unzipped my fly to give her access. She reached in and pulled out my cock and immediately leaned over and took the head into her warm, wet mouth. This was something my ex-wife had been reluctant to do and the sensation was something else. She took my whole length into her mouth and sucked, licking the head and inserting her tongue into the slit.

Fondling her tits with 1 hand I slid the other down her stomach to find a lightly haired, very wet slit into which I inserted first 1 then 2 and finally 3 fingers - this caused her to suck even harder and I was in danger of cumming so I stopped her. I stood her up and bent her over the arm of her settee, stripping her naked as I did so. I reached round and cupped her 38d's in both hands as she reached back and positioned the knob of my cock at the entrance to her wet and willing cunt.

I bent my knees and slowly thrust my cock into her warm, wet cunt - she was tighter than I expected and it turned out later that she hadn't been fucked for 3 or 4 years but boy did she enjoy it. I kneaded her pliant tits and teased and tweaked her nipples as she slowly moved her hips, massaging my cock with her cunt. Her previous sucking and the snugness of her cunt, plus the fact I'd not shagged a woman for some months meant I wasn't going to last too long the first time and as I felt the spunk rising I gripped her tits rewally hard and thrust my twitching cock as deep as I could inside her shooting my load into her cervix.

As I removed my dripping cock from her cunt she turned, knelt and took it into her mouth and licked it clean , I could feel myself getting hard again and she stood up,and led me by the knob to the bedroom - bit more of that later.

if you've enjoyed this true story let me know and i'll post more later