Written by Steve

5 Feb 2014

Having to relocate for a temporary contract with work for 6 months last year, i decided to rent a room in a house. The first one I went to look at was an old, well looked after rambling victorian property, which the landlady, Annie, told me was just too big for her alone.

Annie was in her early 50's and amazingly attractive. I am in my mid 30's and was single at the time.

I decided to move in after our first meeting - which lasted over an hour, with lots of flirting and Annie frequently touching my arm and hand during our conversation. As i have my own place in London, i was only staying there during the week, driving back to London every Friday evening.

Nothing happened for the first 3 months. I would finish work at 5, come back to the house and we would sit and chat, drink wine and eat together. The more i got to know Annie, the more i got the impression that she was or could be so, so naughty...........

One morning I woke about 3am, needing to use the bathroom. It was summer time and a very hot, sticky night, so i decided to jump in the shower. Annie's room looked out toward the bathroom, which had a large frosted window right by the shower in the bath. As it was so warm, i opened the window fully, thinking Annie was asleep and enjoyed the cool shower. I had played with myself so many times, thinking how good it would be to go down on Annies sweet pussy, tasting her and hearing her cum time after time before plunging my 9" cock into her in every position imaginable. As i stood in the shower, thinking about how good she would taste, stroking my now fully erect cock, i looked up and caught her peeking at me through her net curtains....

She quickly moved away, not sure if i had seen her, and i pretended not to, carrying on wanking myself in the shower, but now making it more obvious and positioning myself to give her a better view. 2 minutes later, she was back at the window, fully naked, watching me and playing with her gorgeous breasts. Still pretending I hadnt seen her, I carried on stroking my cock, until I had an explosive orgasm, my cum showering the shower.

10 minutes later, walking past her bedroom, I could hear her softly moaning and she bought herself to orgasm. I stood by the door for what seemed an eternity, plucking up the courage to go in, until, realising I was there, she called out for me to come in and fuck her senseless. This was the beginning of 3 months of wonderful, sex with Annie, who I still go and visit whenever I can. Now i cant get enough of older, sexy women