Written by Tracey

25 Feb 2006

I am Tracey early 40.

Reading the stories of ladies having great sex with the older manprompted me to write what happened to me. out of all innocence a few years ago a family friend Frank had lost his wife, after a while we got talking on one of his visitsthat he missed going out for meals as he did not like going alone, so he sked me if I would like to go for a pub meal, which we arranged on my day off as as John my husband was working.

frank was always the gentleman with a kiss goodbye as he dropped me back home, this came a regular thing over a matter of time.

Then Frank suggested eating elsewhere, so on this day I decided to wear a nice skirt and blousealong with stockings and suspenders,when I wear these for John he likes me to go without knickers and I did, although I was going for a meal with John but Frank! this made it feel naughty and exciting.

At the restaurant Frank complimented how nice I looked and how he missed his wife especially the sexual side he had not had sex for 2 years, it felt strange but exciting discussing this as I felt I was getting wet between my legs.

After the we went home and on giving me the usual peck Frank brushed against my erect nipple my heart pounding something made me feeel lower my hand towards his crutch, feeinf his penis thriugh his trousers I said I would give him a wank if he liked, though I did not need to be told as I felt him getting hard, as he fondled my breasts while undoing my blouse then sucking on my nipples making me go all tingly and aroused, I undid his fly and was suprised at the size of his penis for a man in his late sixties a good 9 inch thinking how nice it would be to lower myself onto it stroking it and rubing his penis he slipped his hand under my skirt and the thought of him not having sex for so long and him finding I had no knickers on and I was so wet was to much and he came with large groan, after cleaning up he left for home.

Next day Frank called catching me after just showering, he had brought me flowers and chocolates thanking me for the day before, my roe did not cover much and I noticed Frankkept looking as it had slipped open as we talked and was showing my pussy, through his trousers was the outline of of his erection getting aroused at the thought of him fucking me with that I asked if he would like to have sex with me, no words where spoken as hemoved to the settee taking my breasts firmly in his hands, removing his clothes you could tell he had not let himself go.

I went upstairs to get a condom Frank followed and soon ws bringing me to orgasm by rubbing me clit and finger fucking me, he turned me around so I was on all fours on the bed entering from behind with what was some size cock as I said before as we fucked he gentlyeased a finger into my anusat first I was a bit suprissed and held still as I had not had this done before the feeling was nice now I could feel his cock sliding in & outof my vagina which was ousing while he probed my anus with his finger.

I was screaming and coming in no time after numerous orgasms Frank slumped over me as he had come as well.

What a great shag to start the day.

John arrived home and aked where the flowers had come so I said Frank had brought them,John saying oh you got a sugar daddy.

So I had to tell him what had happened and it was not long before John was licking my now excite cunt, as it had always been a fantasy of Johns for me to be fucked by another guy, I had to go in to detail what Frank had done to me earlier as I got my second shag of the day.

Ladies if you get chance take an older lover do it and have great sex and frank brings gifts as well .

Now I have more regular visits from Frank and John does not complain as it excites us all.

John says he wants to watch while I get fucked by my sugar daddy.

Getting excited thinking about it thats another story for another day.