Written by Clare

21 Sep 2009

I discovered this site recently after my husband and I separated,it was on his thing on our computer,he,d obviously been using it,no doubt wanking himself off.We were only together for 6 months,I had very limited experience of sex,but an excellent one with a much older man.My husbands idea of sex was have an erection push it into me,come off and go to sleep,leaving me to finger myself off.

Like some of the writers on here I had my first sexual experience with an older man.He lived next door to my mum and I,in his sixties,into DIY,he often helped my mum out with things around the house,my mum is a night nurse in the local hospital.It was about 10 o clock one night,all the lights in our house went out,I was petrified,I knew he could fix them.

I went next door and rang his bell,after a couple of minutes he came to the door.He just opened it a little but I could see he was wearing just a pair of white underpants.All my lights have gone out I stammered,I,m sorry,I think it took him a second or two to recognise me.Oh right Clare he said I,ll come through,was having an early night,let me get my dressing gown and a torch,he came with me.

It only took him a minute or two to get the lights back on,theres your problem he said,one of your light bulbs have blown,it knocks everything off,I,ll put one in.He could,nt quite reach but as he tried his dressing gown opened a bit,my eyes were immediately drawn to his underpants.He had to get a chair and again as he climbed onto it his underpants became exposed,the large bulge obvious,There you are he said thats working,I did,nt know if he was aware he was exposing himself a bit.

I knew he liked a whisky,my mother always gave him one,I should,nt he said but go on,it sometimes keeps me wake.I poured a big one,he sat on the couch I sat on the armchair,he made no attempt to close his dressing gown,I had a view between his legs.We were just chatting,somehow his soft voice and the bulge in his underpants was getting me sexually aroused.I for some reason opened my legs a bit,his eyes instantly glanced between them then away.

His voice was getting a little bit slurred he gulped down his whisky and smiled,he wanted another.When I sat back down I opened my legs a bit wider,he stared between my legs,I felt myself become more sexually aroused,I,d never had sex with anybody,I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing.

I have no recollection of what we were talking about,I lifted one of my legs onto the armchair,my skirt pushed upwards exposing my knickers,I could see him sweating his face getting redder and a movement in his underpants,it was all something I,d never experienced before.I,m not sure I knew what I was doing to him but could,nt stop myself,I think he was getting a bit drunk.

His hands fumbled for his dressing gown belt and undid it,he pushed his dressing gown wide open,his white underpants were small just about containing what I now know was a hardon.I could hear myself breathing deeper at the sight of it,his breathing was rapid.I lifted my other leg onto the armchair and opened them wider,I remember I was wearing red knickers.

His mouth was open as his eyes glued between my legs,no more pretending,I could see the twitching in his underpants,I had no idea how big a fully erect cock should be but what I was looking at was big.I know now that he had to do it,his hand went to it and squeesed it tightly,his whole body was shaking.Then my first sight of an erect cock as he pushed his underpants down,slipping the waistband under his balls,it looked huge.

He was panting as his hand started to move up and down its length,even though I,d given myself orgasms with my fingers,I,d never had one like this,he knew I was coming off.We were just watching each other,suddenly I had an urge to take my knickers off,I wanted to be exposed as well,he would be the first man to see my pussy.His cock was fantastic,I hoped he,d like my pussy.

I thought my legs would,nt support me as I stood up,he just watched me,his hand moving up and down,I noticed the liquid seep from the head of his cock,I became even more aroused.I managed to remove my skirt,followed by my knickers,his breathing seemed to fill the room,now I wanted to be naked,I could,nt stop myself,I pulled my top off and struggled with my bra.His eyes and his increased hand movement brought me off again.

I sat back on the armchair and opened my legs as wide as I could feeling the lips of my pussy open.I put my fingers on them and could,nt believe how swollen they felt,I rubbed my fingers back and forward along them.He stood up and pushed his dressing gown off,then his underpants,his cock stood straight up, it looked massive.I must admit at that moment I hoped he did,nt think he was going to put it inside me,there was surely no way that would fit,but beautiful it was.

He sat back on the couch,his legs now wide apart and watched my fingers,his hand moving faster up and down his cock.I let my fingers find their way between my lips and spread them apart,opening myself as wide as I could,I felt another unbelievable orgasm engulf my body.I heard him begin to moan a deep sound coming from his mouth,he lay further back on the couch lifting his hips higher and higher,I was fascinated by his every movement.

I,d never seen a man come off until that moment and what a beautiful sight it was.The first of his spunk shot from him then more and more followed as he wanked himself faster and faster,his eyes never left my fingers now deep inside my pussy.All to soon he stopped wanking himself and lay there with his eyes closed his cock slowly softening in his hand,he was covered in his spunk.

I felt my own body relax in a kind of satisfaction I,d never before experienced,I lay with my eyes closed.I heard him move,can I use your bathroom he said,he was standing in front of me naked,he looked beautiful even with his cock at rest,I wondered again if it would fit inside me,he just gave me a huge smile as he left the room.I was still naked when he returned,I watched him put his underpants and dressing gown back on,I hope your lights don,t go out tomorrow evening he said,winked at me and left.He knocked at my door the following evening shortly after my mum left for work.